Keep The Faith … In Yourself

As I made my way out of my first Metal Belly Dance Class today (Yesssss, there is such a thing, and it is bloody awesome, despite the fact that I cannot coordinate my booty to anything else attached to me), I stumbled upon this intriguing poster, which tingled my alternative senses.


My Oh My! How times have changed ? And there I was, thinking only the Devil loved Metal; turns out J-Man also loves sacrilegious riffs?


It made me giggle, as I only have really bad memories of religion, especially when it comes to listening to ‘the devil’s music’ and attempting to be an individual with their own thoughts and ideals.

Witnessing this as I came out of an event centered on sexy hip shaking to Rammstein in a class with plenty of tattooed metalheads, was a bit of an ultimate ‘yes I did it‘ for me. Indeed, when I was in my early teens, I was rather fearful of the fact that I would never be able to be myself, everrrrr (yes I was 13, ‘ever’ was a central part of my vocabulary). Since I was raised under strict rules, it really felt like something like this would never be a part of my existence, and that instead, I would be a trapped slave foreverrr (I have a diverse vocabulary okay?).

But liberation did happen ! All Hail Lemmy ! Now, I am only a slave to debt and capitalism, but I have my tattoos and piercing so life is good, right? /sarcasm.


One thing I have always despised about religion – other than the utterly blatant misogyny and ridiculousness (women being essentially McRibs really killed it for me)– was this concept of perennially looking outwards for help, and to forgo any critical thinking.

You struggle in life? God is punishing you for being a heretic McRib, and not praying enough for salvation of your €0.99 soul (not even the Devil wants to buy that).

You got depression? It doesn’t exist, and this is the Devil taking hold of you, because you called the Number of the Beast through your repeated playing of Iron Maiden.


… And I could go on and on with actual real life examples of buffoonery that has been bestowed upon me thanks to religion.

The point is that salvation to me comes from inner acceptance, self-validation and inner peace. Not from sending energy to a fictitious entity in the sky, not from pleasing randoms on instagram, not even from scamming the devil with an overpriced sale of your soul : it is about being a morally good person, content with themselves and their actions, and practicing positivity.

Like today – I bloody enjoyed shaking like an uncoordinated banshee to some devilishly dark music. Would this piss off my religious family? Hell yes, because all they would see is a woman daring to dance away to distorted music, and we don’t like that do we?

It is ok, because in metal we have room for everyone !



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  1. Sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with “religion.” I grew up in a Christian church and being a Christian is still the biggest part of who I am. I didn’t have a repressive experience; we had motorcycle parking, a smokers area out front, and I grew up around people from every social class and walk of life, from people that showed up to church in a three piece suit to those that showed up in jeans, tattoos, and ear gauges. It’s hard to hear about other people claiming to follow God but show different actions. So for that I’m truly sorry your experience wasn’t like mine <3

      • Hey no need to be sorry hun, it has made me a rather strong and critically minded person so I think I can be sorta grateful for it! Not sure why wordpress is playing up, sorry !x

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