London Brexit Snapshots & Cheapshots

Note from the author: no shots were drank whilst this article was being written. But shots may have been fired…

Lots of things repel/ annoy / frustrate/ me at the moment, and I am unexpectedly hesitant about unleashing a torrent of written vociferation about each topic that is causing these feels (yes I know, it is not like I have not done it before…).

Between workplace politics as lame as Boris Johnson’s, social media as shallow as the coffin of a cremated soul, ‘gothic hauls’, people who pester me to like their page but who I don’t know from Eve, Adam or Satan, people on the tube who carry backpacks bigger than a fucking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s shell, the old bat upstairs who has anointed herself Queen of The Regulation of Da Bins (WTF is it with London and garbage obsessed neighbours?!) … TAKE. YOUR. PICK!

Fortunately, you are spared a Brexit rant, because someone talented expressed all my feelings about it in these graffiti I snapped in Soho this weekend …




fullsizeoutput_dd3… All the way down to the middle finger!


Thank you Loretto for this beautiful representation of Brexit.

As a Bloody Foreigner (a really good missed opportunity for a Halloween costume I must saynext year, I should totally rock it with a CV covered in blood from the jobs I’m stealing), I have appreciated this gift of satire you bestowed upon us, foreign tax payers, unable to vote, yet very able to pay taxes.

On this note, I shall venture off to some lighter things, like plan some fashion photography!

Don’t forget to take your pick for the next rant, comments down below mes chers!


4 thoughts on “London Brexit Snapshots & Cheapshots

  1. My vote for Brexit wasn’t to stop skilled workers or valid immigration but to allow companies to import and export where they like and for is to be free of the European parliament which makes a hash of everything, see the gdpr nonsense which made everything worse.
    Australia gets zero stick for their immigration policies why should we

    1. This post isn’t about people who voted but people who are going to suffer the consequences of the vote.

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