Barcelona Street Photography Heavy Metal Style

On this gloomy, cold and miserable day, I have decided to rewind to a warmer time; a time when I was walking carefree down in Barcelona, Spain … Alas no, I have not worked out a fancy time machine; instead, I have finally edited the content of my August memory card.

I have decided to focus this blog post on a specific street : Carrer Del Tallers. This street is all that an alternative Gothalhead could wish to have. (Yes I made a term up … i was actually hesitating between Gothalhead and Metaloth , and whilst they both suck, Metaloth has too much proximity with Metalsloth).

Without further ado, welcome to Carrer Dels Tallers : a street … right up my street! 


barcelonalemmy barceloinametal.jpg barcelonalemmy-3 barcelonametal barcelonametal-3 barcelonametal-12.jpg barcelonametal-13.jpg barcelonametal-4 barcelonametal-5 barcelonametal-11.jpg barcelonametal-14.jpg barcelonametal-10.jpg barcelonametal-6 barcelonametal-7 barcelonametal-8

I did not want to make this too wordy, and instead let the photos do the talking…

But don’t worry, another waffly Barcelona post is on its way  😉 This will include pictures of the Sagrada Familia and other assorted beautiful buildings from this lovely city.

Have you been to Barcelona?


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