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Black Friday you say?

Hunny, in my world, it is Black Century(yes, I plan on living to a 100 years old and earn the title of  The Century Goth;  to hell with this ‘Millenial’ bullshit).

As I have been lying sick for many days in a row, I have been able to scour the internet for cheap bargains. Rest assured that I did NOT type ‘nasty gal’ in my web browser at any point in time.  I promise that I ended up on this website – which is a legit clothing website – by googling ‘spike boots’. insert halo

Anyway, here are a few of the bargains I found on the site. And yep, I did buy the spike boots as I find them quirky and right up my street! I will post some pics once I receive them. Until then, happy shopping ye Nasty Loves! I will post a life update tomorrow 🙂looks-1573931496712

Stripe Skirt – £14

Skull rings – £2

Lace up Witch Boots – £25

Spike Boots – £25

Coffin Earrings – £4

Cross Necklace – £5


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