Boohoo Rocks ! Alternative Fashion Picks

“Some people like to pick online fights; I like to pick items online in my basket. Teehee!” –  Thunderella, November 2019

Yes, the Fashion Picks are back; and I will be doing these weekly or as I pay off my credit card and spend some more …muffled screaming bank account noise.  Nah, actually it is all good really : I hate ostentation, and would rather people be smart with their spending.

So I am here to help!

I have missed doing these, and as a true believer of style before trends, I would love to keep sharing styling ideas and value finds. Boohoo is one of my favourite place to pick things from – especially for work appropriate stuff!

The total of the below is £42.40  without the shoes, due to a promo running on Boohoo’s site. I think that is pretty decent, considering that a dress from Killstar could cost you just that!

What I really like as well is that each piece is versatile on its own, and can be worn with all sorts of other garments or accessories.

Links and prices below 🙂

Boots :  £28

Choker Dress : £12

Double belt : £9.60

Waist belt : £9.60

Fedora : £11.20

What are your favourites? Anything tickled your fancy?


Alternative Fashion Fashion Picks

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