Whitby Goth Weekend 2019

Last weekend, I made my way oop norff (“up north” for my non-British friends) for one of my favourite events of the year : Whitby Goth Weekend.

… Aaaand because it is only one day post-Halloween, I have decided to share a spooky pic with you dear folks of the virtual land : a geeky frozen Thunderella in the wild ! (yes Darlington is the wild for this adopted Londoner).


I woke up at 5am to take the 7am train from Kings Cross, and there was no way in hell I was gonna attempt contact lenses at this ungodly time. Lipstick is smeared to the caffeine gods, as I probably downed 4 coffees up until Darlington. The journey was actually decent, I had a seat on all 3 trains (London to Darlington, Darlington to Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough to Whitby). This is a VERY important factor for this victim of London underground standing-itus : having the opportunity to seat your booty on a train is a rare occurrence that should be celebrated.

Anyway, enough rambling! The sighting of this sign made me very happy.


The sighting of this made me even happier, but not the weather!


My hotel was the YHA Whitby, which is on the grounds of the Abbey. I had booked a private room with bathroom, and it was good value for money, even though climbing the 199 steps in and out of town was a bit painful. But the view was fantastic! Breathing in the fresh air and being able to freely walk around so much green space was something I had been craving for a while.


On day one, the weather was absolutely dreadful. I must admit I was a bit miffed as I was on top of the hill, and going to town down the soggy stairs with heavy New Rocks was a bit of an adventure … metal heels are cool but also slippery af!





I spent most of day one walking around town and checking out the charity shops – they are always so full of cool stuff. I couldn’t take pics of the fabulous people in the streets as I didn’t want to get my camera wet. That shit is expensive! But I will make up for it in April [hell yes I am going back!]

Oh and this was Day One’ outfit; the lighting in the room was atrocious but I couldn’t do anything about it… Other than pull the second grumpiest face of all time (first goes to the AMOTY catwalk).



Hang on … a (half) SMILE !!!!!!



Day one was also the day I went to watch a couple of tribute bands at Whitby’s Met Lounge. The Cult tribute was BRILLIANT!! I danced a lot and I hadn’t drunk anything ! Their name is Cult Fiction and they played all classics including She Sells Sanctuary, Fire Woman, Sweet Soul Sister and many more.




Day 2 was also rainy but it was ok as I spent most of it in the Alternative Market at the Whitby Leisure Centre. SO many fabulous vendors… and creatures!


I thought this dude was real at first, and nearly asked him if I could take his picture … Where are my glasses again?!




Soz, the pictures are a bit rubbish and erratic as the place was literally heaving.





I had to go into paparazzi mode – this couple was too fabulous not to snap. Special high five to the Gentleman for the New Rocks!


As I mentioned previously, I met 3 fantastic vendors at the fair, and one of them is the blazing Rock and Rose. Imagine this : a chick with flower tattoos and a pseudonym of Thunderella walks past a stall that is LITERALLY covered in lightning bolts and flowers. What do you think she did?

She fist pumped the air, squealed YASSSSSS!! And started chewing the ears off the lovely owners insert cheeky monkey emoji


How beautiful and awesome is the stall? I love absolutely everything on display (yo,my birthday is 4th September ^^), and I had to get my hands on something (pics incoming!)



Please go check out Rock And Rose on instagram, I had the pleasure of chatting with them and they are lovely people, designing everything from scratch. And it ROCKS!




The other groovy seller of the fair was Zero Fox . Hannah from Zero Fox was a gem to talk to, even though the place was bursting with people, she had all the time in the world for this magpie. Go give them some luvin’ !

Their designs are awesome, and I got myself some earrings and a necklace I cannot wait to shoot with. They can make you custom pieces, and have a really wide array of designs already available.



Note to self : I need to learn how to not take photos and speak at the same time, as I always end up botching the pics. Nevermind, I hope you got the gist!


The third vendor that had gothilicious goodies was Weird and Wonderful Ceramics. Elisha had a gorgeous stall full of ceramic goodies, and honestly I can’t wait to have my own Goth Manor to fill up. For now, I got myself a bat mug; keyword ‘for now‘!




I got the wee bat mug in front of the Happy pumpkin, it is so cute! If I didn’t have a massive backpack to carry to London, I swear I would have ransacked the place.



In the evening, I went to see the Sisters of Mercy tribute called Sisters of Murphy and I decided to leave the phone alone and just enjoy … There is something about the Sisters of Mercy’s haunting melodies and guitars that just make me feel free … and I cherished that.

PS: I have deliberately left outfit 2 out of this post, as I will use them for a second post …


Whitby, See You Soon!

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    • Thanks Hun! Really motivates me to do more travelling in spiritual and relaxed places. More photography and artsy stuff rather than social media stuff 🙌✨⚡💓

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