An Inked Life Update

Yep… I got new ink ! This is part one of an epically beautiful tattoo I am getting done on my left forearm.

I am so happy with it – it’s beautiful and it covered rather well my crappy lightning bolt, which I will have redone properly in a different body zone (that sounds dodgy but it isnt, promise).

I love typically feminine artefacts such as lace and beads, and I am a goth hippy at heart – roses are forever a powerful symbol (thorns anyone?). So for me this is the perfect body bling!

I haven’t posted much on the blog as my laptop is broken, and I am taking it to the Apple store on Friday. They are fixing it for free…

But I will post a wee photoshoot this weekend for sure, and some general ranting thoughts.

I am also seriously considering creating a brand new fresh Instagram. I am quite bored and unhappy with the old one frankly. So watch out for a new account…

I will be more authentic to Myself and only follow people I’m genuinely interested in and are interested in engaging both ways. It doesn’t matter if it means having 2 followers instead of 200, I much prefer having a chat and interaction than mindless likes.

I’m not interested in fake following, and endless pandering to brands bullshit – hence why I want a fresh start. Nothing wrong with a shout-out to a brand here and then (I’m gonna launch my own brand so I cannot be hypocritical either), but constant sucking up is annoying. Also lurkers do my head in – I wouldn’t let strangers peek into my house, why should I on social media?

Anyway, that is it for now. Be back shortly !


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