London Edge September 2019

I was not meant to go to London Edge this year, as I was holidaying stuffing my face in Paris with my family. But I thought, why the heck not, since it was scheduled to happen on the day of my return to the UK.

The rationale to go was also driven by the fact that this excursion would have been a puuurrrrrfect excuse to give to Border Patrol to let me back in the country.

“Darling, sod your Brexit, this gal has some pentagram trend analysis to do!”

However, as a result, I was VERY disorganised : battery in the camera not charged … and Thunderella not charged either, due to the 5am Eurostar trip. I know, I keep harping on about it, but I am not a morning person to begin with, so ye gotta feel my pain!

And yes, this pic is as blurry as I was on that day…!

IMG_1794 2.JPG

Still, I made it. YAS!

edge2 edge2019

Again, sorry for the quality of the pics, as they are from my iPhone rather than my camera. Still, here is the rundown of my favourite new finds.

House of Bats

O.My.Goth! I cannot explain how lovely Anna from House of Bats was. She was super friendly and more than happy to talk to a frazzled French Goth about her alternative jewellery brand. I absolutely adore her stuff : it is ethical, gorgeous and made with love. I am a massive supporter of smaller businesses, and I cannot recommend enough House of Bats! House of Bats supports the Sophie Lancaster foundation and that is fucking awesome!!

IMG_1819 2

I had the pleasure of checking out the jewellery myself (and taking terrible photos), and it is dark and delightful. If you have bitchy ears, like me, and by that I mean ears who will moan about the gorgeous things you adorn them with, then you will love House of Bats’s designs as they are very lightweight. I actually have my eyes, sorry… I meant my fangs on the Bathory Collection.

IMG_1821 2 fullsizeoutput_c2c.jpeg

Scarlet in Chains


I was such a sleepy fool that I took sloppy pictures of the lovely Scarlet in Chains stand. However, I really loved talking to the owner of the brand, who happily chatted about their Stainless Steel jewellery products, which are Goth, BDSM and Occult themed.  Whats not to love?!! Scarlet in Chain also take custom orders and also have an Etsy shop!


Fantasmagoria is an alternative shop based in Lithuania who has a special place in my black heart. ALL the ladies at the stand were absolutely down to earth, smiley and oh so welcoming despite being busy bees. Elena (beauty in blue) was very welcoming and gave loads of info on the store – including the fact that shipping is very fast and furious from Lithuania !


The Fantasmagoria offering is phenomenal: from Killstar to Punk Rave, Homeware, Lifestyle … they have a really wide range, with some exquisite pieces from Punk Rave.

Ain’t gonna lie – I had seen the name of the website floating about on the interwebz but was never sure about ordering until I actually met the Fantasmagoria Fam. Folks, we even had a good ol’ moan about Brexit, and shared similar views on the heresy of putting milk in tea. Yes, HERESY y’all!

Ahhh! such a pleasure bonding over a good old whinge surrounded by badass clothing!

IMG_1852 2 IMG_1964 IMG_1967 IMG_1966 IMG_1969 IMG_1973

Lady Fantasmagoria seems fed up with the Brexit talk …


Kira Don Jewel

As you may have read previously, I have also a mega mega huge spot for Kira Don Jewel. One of the OG multitalented, multilingual queens from Greece,  this brand has some bombastic pieces mixing old school glam and contemporary style.

Am really mad at myself for not having my camera charged as my photos don’t do anything justice. I always have a heart warming time chatting away at the Kira Don Jewel stand, and I really root for this brand to reach tons of you!


One the new creations : the glam as hell glass chain, how gorgeous is this?!

fullsizeoutput_cfb fullsizeoutput_cfd

Random Pics!

Kreepsville always has a wicked umbrella display.

IMG_1841 2.JPG fullsizeoutput_d14

For some reason, the video uploader doesn’t seem to work for now. I have taken videos of the catwalk which I will try to reupload a bit later in the week.

fullsizeoutput_d04 fullsizeoutput_d00 fullsizeoutput_d07

In all, I am really glad I went, as I also did not want to go originally due to feeling rather low and with my self-esteem dented. I am so glad I went as I met such lovely souls like Anna and friendly faces like Kira Don Jewel as well as the fabulous Giulia from Kat von D Beauty!!


Them alone made it worth it. It was almost like a wake up call, where you realise that you have to rely on yourself – and yourself alone, because nobody else will do it for you. Also relying on others can prove very, if not often, disappointing – so I learnt my lesson 🙂

Please do go check out the links above and let me know your thoughts below !

PS: I will upload the videos once WP behaves. Maybe I need need new fangs for coercion purposes?






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  1. Some gorgeous jewellery there. Must check it out further.

    When I had a proper job (and therefore cash!) I ordered a few things from Fantasmagoria and they were great, both in service and quality.

    Is that the beautiful Miss Deadly Red on the catwalk?

    • Hey nice to see you over here 🙂 I am glad you had a great experience with Fantasmagoria, they really were lovely. It is indeed Midd Deadly Red; there was a bit more diversity on the catwalk this time so it was quite a nice one!x

  2. You look like you had a fab time. I love some accessories from House of Bats and Scarlet in chains. Sometimes you have to feck insomnia and I and live life.

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