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Yes! The back garden strikes again! Sorry folks, but until I entirely shed the excess hormonal weight that is plaguing me, the posing will have to happen behind bushes to spare my blushes (I am such a poetic poseur).


This outfit has a significance to me – other than being super cute (right?) – as it is the first time since Hormones-From-Hell-Gate that I can actually close that Necessary Evil velvet jacket.


Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!! Folks, the struggle is real – the weight is taking ages to sashay away, however it is slowly but surely buggering off. And so is the anxiety and insomnia – honestly it is the first time for about 8 months that I am finally sleeping and not tossing about like an obese vampire in a narrow coffin!


Not only that, but I am wearing my birthday New Rocks! Yes you read that right : Birthday New Rocks !


I actually really like this outfit as it is very comfy all around – the dress, the jacket and the shoes all are individual snazzy pieces, but they all work well together too. Sometimes you just gotta play with your clothes and be bold and start mixing!



I got the dress on Ebay, it is a Jawbreaker dress with spikes on the boobage area and skulls in the skirt area. The only place I could find that still sells it is this Ebay seller.


My bone choker is a Claire’s accessories Halloween choker – I always get compliments for it. Sadly, I don’t think Claire produce as good Halloween accessories as they used to. I will check this year, but last year I was disappointed. Saying that, Sainsbury’s had wicked stuff – good ol’ Sainsbos!


The Necessary Evil Lilith jacket is absolutely LUSH. I had a few points collected on Kate’s Clothing website so I decided to treat myself as I am a sucker for velvet and elegant high lows. Not disappointed, it fits like a glove!



Once again, apologies for the back garden backdrop and the slow posting rate, but getting out of the funk is taking a while. The good news is that I am getting the fuck outta the funk !

I will be posting some of my French shenanigans on Sunday. Will put up an insta story when its done so dont forget to follow me there !

Spikey and Velvety Hugs!


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