A Gallivanting Goth’s Random Update

I don’t even know if anyone will read this, as my presence on this blog has been as illuminating as Uncle Fester’s latest teeth whitening session. Read : non existent.

As I said previously though, it has been all good as I’ve slowly tried to creep away from the misery pit inflicted by hormonal bullshit. I don’t give a damn about traffic and views – the important part for me being that I enjoy writing and throwing hefty doses of heartily felt sarcasm in there. C’mon, ya know you missed it?!

I have travelled to Weymouth, and sat by the seaside for a while, and even managed to catch a fish into my plate through endless staring.

I have even pretended to be cultural! Actually scrap that : I was – the book wasn’t. Honestly – the only darkness in this book was the front and back cover. I swear that the publisher printed this in black to attract all The Goths to the yard sale, where this book belongs. huffs in Goth

I went back to the studio – and screamed my lungs out – to the dismay of actual musicians next door. Knock knock on heaven’s door? Try Hell!!! rubs hands in metal

My trusted SG is now also coming back in the picture – and I don’t just mean the photo!

I also made my first official foray back into my fashion love – with my muffin top in tow!

I made it to the Alternative Modelling Auditions, despite having a very low self esteem at the time. You have to remember that tons of Uber Alternative / Super Mega Goth people attend – and my style, whilst my own , is probably not as outlandish. I also carry an extra 20kg which seriously cramp my confidence. And My inner enemy keeps reminding me of that. But still- I tell it : it’s mine so Fuck it !!!

I have also been on hols to Barcelona- for which a blog post will be written. But as I have only been back late on Thursday and went straight to Paris on Friday, it’s gonna wait a wee bit!

I am now currently in France and so have lots to catch up on with family and friends. Still, this is Including new Goth music I want to write about and some cool places around here!

Am I forgiven?!

Hugs and Goth’n’ Roll !!

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