I Am Back!

Time heals.

Time also tells me I have had two cocktails in Bournemouth pier, and that I probably shouldn’t be writing this but oh well !! #rebelcocktailyell #2for1Queen

David Bowie said in “No Control”:

Stay away from the future
Back away from the light
It’s all deranged – no control
Sit tight in your corner
Don’t tell God your plans
It’s all deranged
No control

Well, that is exactly what has happened to me from around March 2018 to March 2019. Loss of control. Utter chaos. Complete disaster. Internal Game of Thrones, complete with “you know nothing Mel Snow” and “I bend deh nee for mah kween depressionys of house mentalyen”.

The hormonal imbalance triggered by the hormonal demon called Implanon brought to me HELL – in gray matter and fat cells format.

Ps the picture below is totally unrelated, it’s just what am seeing right now. I know, it’s summer and it’s sunny in ENGLAND!!

I am a self-admitted control freak AND a Virgo ; we like order, routine and CONTROL.

Seeing your own body swell up every day with no escape, and your mind constantly reminding you of faults from 1998 (I wore green eyeshadow and listened to Blink 182, cannot sleep ever since), has been my daily life for about a year now.

I have also suffered at work, being completely lethargic and foggy. But it looks like it was enough to get my contract intact. Yas to low corporate standards!

Anyway, I have been doing daily walks and going to the gym and attempted to eat well over the last few months. Slowly but surely am whooping my own arse back into shape!

I don’t think I will be back on Instagram because I find this platform ridiculously draining, but I will be back here sure as hayle!!!

The countdown has begun …

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