Polymetal : A New Club Night in London

Alright Peeps!

I am really pleased to be doing a shoutout for a new alternative night hitting the London shores this month : the Polymetal Club Night which you can find on Facebook here.


As a (sadly) former club night/scene participant, I am rather excited to not only attend this event, but to also be supporting the lovely lady behind this really positive and engaging venture.

I said sadly above, because unfortunately, and this is my personal opinion, the London rock/metal scene has gone from a thriving, open and fun scene, to a poseur-filled, pretentious, close-minded little clique. Honestly, I have many memories of glorious pub crawls, gigs, club nights, which were all sitting under the friendly alternative umbrella. Everybody was welcome and many friendships were made over awesome music.

These days, each and every London bar / venue has its own scenester gatekeepers, eyeing anyone daring to enter who is not either part of a clique, or dressed according to rules of the Camden Strip. I have stopped going to what used to be my fun nights out for about two years now, and it is a shame as I did enjoy my music night outs.

So, one of the first thing I loved about Polymetal, was its core vision:  inclusivity!



Speaking to Lady Polymetal (yep not divulging her name as she has received some abuse already for daring to launch something new – I swear people can be utter dickwads), she is very keen on the night being an inclusive, open event to all alternative people, regardless of labels.  The only pre-requisite being : to wanna have a smashing time!!!

The music will reflect the inclusivity by throwing some Goth classics, Metal bangers, Heavy Rock tunes and I CANNOT WAIT!


I will be there capturing the event and catching a few turns on the dance floor, so if you are coming over, come say Hi 🙂

⚡Keep on Rockin’⚡


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