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As you may have noticed, I love to buy stuff. But I love to buy unique stuff – be it thrifted or from smaller marketplaces such as Etsy.  The shopping experience feels more personal and you end up with something cool that has been produced ethically. And most of all, you actually support independent artists !

Without further ado, meet the lovely Sarah from Skully Bunting!


I have purchased quite a few items from Sarah (pics will be linked) and they are all very well made. I remember the first time I contacted Sarah, she was super accomodating about a font I wanted to have on my custom ‘Thunderella’ necklace, and she went and sourced quite a few! Since then, I have bought more pieces and even a present for a friend 🙂

Here is a little Q&A – and all pictures are from Sarah’s shop, don’t forget to check it out!

1) How long have you been making jewellery and what was the drive behind it?

I’ve been making jewellery in some way or another since I was a child but I’ve been making laser cut jewellery for about 4 years now. I started making jewellery as I love to wear it and I couldn’t find the kind of jewellery that I wanted to wear. Before I made the laser cut acrylic jewellery I used to make items out of resin but I didn’t really enjoy the process. Ive also made silver and gold jewellery and actually made my sister’s wedding ring.

2) Is this your main activity and if not, how do you manage with another activity?

I’m very fortunate that this is my full time job now. It didn’t use to be. I used to try and juggle a full time office job with making jewellery but dreamed of being self employed. When the time was right, about 3 years ago now I took the plunge and went full time.

3) What are the challenges with being an independent seller?

I think the main challenge for me now is keeping up with social media as it’s my main way of marketing. It’s almost a full time job in itself. I really enjoy though trying to find interesting ways of taking photos for social media. When I first started the main issue I had was imposter syndrome, and I had to fight the urge to get a “proper job” where i’d get a steady wage and be told what to do.

4) What are the best things about being an independent seller?

The best thing about being self employed is that I don’t feel like i’m wasting my life inside of an office anymore. I also struggle with mental health so being able to decide my own structures and challenges really helps me. I really love getting lovely feedback from customers and seeing photos of people wearing my creations.

5) Any fun/cool customer story?

I got invited to go on the Mel and Sue show a few years ago, as the producers had seen that i made some ghost jewellery and they were having Yvette Fielding from Most Haunted on. I got to meet her and give her some of my earrings that she said she’d on the show.


I hope you enjoyed discovering Skully Bunting! Again, thanks to Sarah for kindly agreeing to do this Q&A!  Oh, and don’t forget to give her a follow on instagram!


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