Devil Woman Livin’ On A Prayer

Well Hell…o there !! 

Whilst it is evident that I am feeling better than I have in a good while, (oh yes : I have reverted to cheesy music-related titles for my blog posts … serving you a medley of fine 80s cheese today!), I must apologise for my lack of blogging lately.

No, seriously. (serving supporting serious face below)


Admittedly it is for good reasons : ever since I have had that nasty, life-changing implant removed off me, I have been feeling like I needed to catch up on life. This has included: reconnecting back with old friends I had dismissed due to not being myself for a while, fixing errors and relationships at work, restarting my own business idea, and starting my weight loss plan. *jiggles derriere *


Folks, the dreadful implant steadily lumped in excess of 15 kilos on my 5″4 frame, and, before I realised the cause of this gain, it had started seriously messing up with my mind.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a former anorexic, and that in the past, I have had really unhealthy habits to do with weight and self-esteem. However, I have worked my ass off to get to a comfortable weight, image and mental fortitude over the last twenty years. So imagine my pain when I was literally seeing this crumble in front of my eyes …  as I was putting myself on the internet!

This past year’s implant experience really brought up bad thoughts patterns back, but luckily, I have had the implant removed and my sanity restored before any further damage was done.
Unlike a few years back, I am motivated to beat the excess healthily – in my early twenties, I had used tons of slimming pills and they caused a lot of damage.  Now,  I cause a lot of damage at the gym, doing cardio and weights and lifting my booty and my spirit at the same time!!


Sure, the road is longer when you walk the walk yourself, but this time, I don’t feel any compulsion to take shortcuts.  Therefore, I am taking my time with everything; including blogging and instagramming.


I will admit, it is quite hard to realise that you lost nearly a year due to a goddamn implant – and that your butt is ripping your old clothes apart.  But, I have been going to the gym regularly and have been trying to rationalise my mind as well.

And I have gone shooting after a long hiatus of hiding like a suburban hermit !!!!


So Lesson(s) of today?

Society can legit kiss my irregular ass !

There is no timeline to achieve things. Better start tomorrow than never, and if you have dropped things or abandoned things – you can ALWAYS pick them back!!! Watch out for 65 year old me slaying on the guitar, I am slow but I do get there eventually 😉



  • Lace dress : Forever21 (about £19)
  • Vest dress underneath : Primark (£3)
  • Underbust corset : Amazon (£15.99)
  • Boots : New Rock on Ebay


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