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Howdy folks!

I have been in France since last week and honestly, most of my time has been spent shuffling about from GP to laboratory to pizzeria to GP to chinese buffet. Yes, we like to eat in my fam – although I shouldn’t really as I am ballooning faster than Axl Rose.

I realise that I hadn’t posted my outfit pics from Belfast – so here they are, in all their full lethargic & metallic glory.

You will see on the photos that I look utterly drained and frazzled ; I literally was paralysed in bed for two hours before I did these. I forced myself as I thought that I hadn’t travelled all this way to not do what I love.

I was feeling confused, as the weeks before, my UK GP seemed to think I was a drama queen; yet that day I’d been waking up with a monstrous headache and couldn’t move my limbs. I napped up until the very last minute before i needed to be at the Belfast Alternative Fashion Show. Still, I made it!

These looks are some of my favourites to wear, as they blend my metal allegiance with my feminine obsession for all things chic and elegant!

I am wearing a bombass Iron Maiden top made by the talented Rachel from Corset Sinister, I bought a few pieces and they are all AMAZING. Highly recommend her, and she does custom pieces at such great prices.


The skirt is from Amazon, purchased for £16. Boots are New Rock model M1030 S1.

maiden maiden-3

I got the glasses on a whim from Accessorize at the airport as I looked so tired and thought they’d be handy anyway.


This  was the same but with my Motörhead T – I was hesitating between both! I added a belt on this look – this was purchased years back in Camden.


The headband was also purchased in Etsy – light and cheeky. Unlike my goddamn eyebags !

maiden-6 maiden-7

I look at these pictures and cannot see my inner light. It is frustrating … but I think I am not far from figuring out the problem – a thyroid one (not a lifestyle one dear UK GP).

I am off for a thyroid scan tomorrow and will probably have to come back to France for a follow up next month.  Indeed, I also have some blood tests I did today which are being sent to another lab and wont be back for another week … unlike me.

Gotta go back to work on Monday … YIKES! On the plus side, I should be able to resume screeching, guitaring, writing and posing … YAY!




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  1. Oh I don’t think you look so bad here! If I wouldn’t know your current struggle, I would never guess you being tired and “dull” in these photos 🙂
    And both outfits look so great (as usual) !!!

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