The Commercialisation of Witchcraft

I have previously written about my thoughts on the ‘commercial witch’ trend. Well guess what, Killstar now has a crystal shop! I quartz you not. You have to citrine it to believe it. Agate to say it. [Totally blaming the shitty jokes on my malfunctioning self].

If I am going to be honest, I am side-eyeing this with my contact lenses, my sunglasses and my shiny-ass eyeshadow. And nope, there is no irony in me wearing ‘Witch’ sunglasses and a ‘Resting Witch Top’, as I will explain in a minute the difference between retailing actual witchcraft tools versus cosmetic accessories.


Before I get shot down, well … know that I have a bullet proof vest 😉 And I actually love Killstar … for its clothes and accessories. But a crystal shop?? Come on now! What next? A Killstar surgeon to extract the bits of pink happiness from our black hearts?!

In my humble opinion, you don’t become a ‘witch’ purely by carrying shiny stones. Additionally, ordering random stones online from a clothing shop just reeks of a hipster move to me; ie “it’s trendy and fancy so I gotta have it”.

Shall we say Gothster move?

I believe it is bastardising something real, which people across the world practice as a way of life. Am not talking about hexing a rival so she gets green teeth and blue zits, but healing and generally protecting themselves using candles, crystals and herbs.

I have been attuned to my spiritual side since I was a child. The only difference is that as a child, I was experiencing things but did not label them. Things just were. My intuition and feelings of connection to the unseen were just something I lived. I have always been massively obsessed with the supernatural and the metaphysical, and started studying the topic properly since I was about 17. And by studying, I actually mean studying:  reading books, learning about the different paths, practices and cultural aspects.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch not included!

My mother also indulged me, and I have seen some things which make me a believer that there is more to our reality than what our physical senses show us.

Of course, there is a ton of misinformation about wicca, witchcraft, satanism and the like online … And I do not follow any denomination, I just go with the flow with my own interpretation of the connection to Source/the Universe.


I believe in Nature and I believe in karma. Karma is definitely going to bitch slap you if you intentionally exert malicious activity on another being, but will be a badass ally if you act with pure, honest intentions. I try very hard to repel petty / negative thoughts for that reason alone. Society conditions us to indulge in petty behaviour (cattiness/gossip/envy/competition) and it’s a whole piece of work to de-program oneself to be a peaceful, detached individual.

I believe that energy in its core essence is neutral but can be polarised towards a positive or negative form, and allow you to manifest things in a positive or negative manner depending on how you express it.

But back to the topic of crystals.

They are natural tools with their own energy. They need to be programmed to do a job for you. Crystals are meant to be felt and assessed physically, for you to bond (or not) with them and understand their effect on you.  I carry a wrist wallet thing which contains black tourmaline and rose quartz. I bought them off a crystal shop in London,  after going into multiple metaphysical shops to find my new ally. I held a few in my hands to assess which actually felt good. And my little BT feels gooood!


Saying that, I also love fashion (obviously!)  and as such, I will be the first in line to nab tongue in cheek tops, mugs and other accessories … and Killstar would be a shop I would go to for that – but NOT for crystals. I am wearing this top on purpose – it is from Killstar and I love it – but it is just a top and doesn’t achieve any other purpose than make me look cheeky.

Guys, I am not saying that everybody who will purchase a crystal from Killstar is a try-hard witchster, but I do question the motives from both Killstar and the purchasers : How were these crystal sourced? Who handled them? Are they stored in a factory? Are they handled physically by disgruntled, tired, factory workers? Are you buying these with knowledge of the crystal’s properties?

If you are serious about your witchcraft then you will know that how they are handled is important, as energy gets transferred. Are these crystals blessed? Or are they purely sold for an instagram shot?

I am happy to be challenged on this. Over to you, dear readers!


Have you bought a crystal from Killstar? Do you welcome this addition to the shop? What are your thoughts on this?  I am all ears!



6 thoughts on “The Commercialisation of Witchcraft

  1. I started studying/practicing the craft amongst other things 23 years ago. Through out highschool and after I was involved with a coven which ran some small witch/apothecary stores where I grew up. I was always drawn to crystals from a young age. A couple years ago a good friend asked me to come and work for her; because of my love and knowledge for all things rocks. She has worked with the same mines/companies for many years and is a small business. I do not think they should be commercialized on a mass scale; but the rock and gem business has been doing so for a long time. I support small metaphysical stores and other rock shops; but I think everyone needs to be aware of the impact that they are having on the environment. I also do not think everyone is meant to be a witch either or go down certain paths. I think that people need to remember that your power comes from with in you, your will, your intention. Sorry for the rant, this is something that has been on my mind. Thank you for another excellent blog post💖

    1. Wow thank you for your comment !So great to learn about you and your dealings with the craft:-) – and you’re right : mass commercialisation of crystals also has a detrimental aspect on the environment. I saw documentaries of companies just drilling and drilling’s and destroying natural spaces for that. In my beliefs, the power also comes from within you and you don’t really need many artificial artifacts. A lot of things are just for show which is sad! Xx

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