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After all the commotion of London Edge, it is back to the good ol’ shed for some ‘outfit of the day‘ pics ! I really miss going out shooting on location, but the truth is I have been feeling lethargic for a while and have a creeping fatigue and weight gain making me very self-conscious. I have done some blood tests this Friday so hoping it is just a vitamin deficiency.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a post with some bargains I have looted throughout the past year(s). If you follow me on instagram or even here, you will know that whilst I do like branded stuff, my passion lies in foraging for fashion gems regardless of the source.

My mum is very resourceful (she does a lot of sewing and upcycling too!) and always taught me to be thrifty. We used to go to markets, charity shops but also embraced more high end couture so I have always liked to mix things. I must admit I hated it as a teenager as I always had to make my outfits from the oddest pieces, but I made it out!

In this outfit, I am wearing a wet look dress which cost me £5 from this website.  Yes, 98% of the site is really not my cup of tea, but the 5% is worth it ! Example : these shoes are very comfy and cool for work.

The pentagram earrings are from Ebay, and I always wear them as they go with everything. Killstar does some but they are too big and pricey for me. These are £5, and I think you can even find them cheaper!

The necklace is from Claire’s Accessories, two Halloweens ago! I always check them out during Halloween, even though lately they have not been that great.

My belt is from Amazon and you can find it here for £12.99. I love it !I am having trouble with a muffin top I never knew I had (who knew I’d be baking one day lol) but it fits absolutely fine and is really nice I think?

My gloves are from Claires but got them in a charity shop which had a load of Claire Accessories items for sale – all sealed! They cost me £2.50 which is awesome! Pretty sure they can be found on Ebay too.

Scuse the state of my back garden, the snowmageddon has devastated Britain and my own backyard is not exempt! I am wearing tights from Killstar which I bought during one of their sale – I refuse to pay a fortune for tights but will pay a price if they are worth it. These are cool and they are the Libra tights

Oh and my lipstick in a NYX Suede Matte shade Doom 🙂 I like this brand a lot, it is cheap and cheerful. I believe I paid £7 in Boots for this lipstick.

I am one of these ladies with a booty, and have to wear flare skirts / dresses so as to house the behind correctly! I find this dress helps, though it is a bit on the short side. Saying that, I live in leggings so I could see myself wearing leggings with it. I do need to steam the creases out as well oop!

That is it for now!  I nearly did not post this as I am really unhappy with my weight / ballooning but I think it is important to not shut down and just say fuck it. I am crossing my fingers for the blood tests results and a solution. In the meantime, have you found some cool stuff in an unlikely place?





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  1. Awwwww darlin’, I’m sorry to hear you have been unwell. I had the same issue as you this year. When my Mum passed away I didn’t real focus on myself and ended up getting Vitamin D Deficiency which they did find out through blood tests. I’d get dizzy spells, sleep like Aurora, paleness and as you said, Lethargy. It does get better though I promise. I was given some vitamin supplements but I actually felt better using some I got from Tesco, little tiny tablets you take twice a week. You’ll be fine 🙂

    As for the outfit, stunning! There is nothing wrong with a glamorous shed to use as a backdrop! My first photoshoot of my friend Emma was done in her back garden

    I hope you get better soon!
    Chaz xxx

    • Oh thank you so much for your lovely comment and am so sorry to hear about your loss 🙁 I am glad you are better <3 !! I’m really hoping some tablets will fix this 🙂 glad to hear am not the only one using back gardens haha 🙂 hugs 🤗 xxx

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