London Edge January 2019

Well hello there! Glad to have you here! … but here is a little warning : I will not take any responsibility for any crazy spending coming up in 2019 following the reading of this post 😉

Indeed, this post will be taking you through the February edition of London Edge, a trade event which sees alternative retailers showcasing their upcoming collections for retail / wholesale buyers to order in (for us shopaholics!). Essentially, we get a sneak peak of what is possibly hitting the stores further down the line … And trust me I really hope some stuff will come out! rubs hands in goth glee

Let’s go on a little tour shall we?

The Original Atelier were present, with their ornate headpieces – honestly these are stunning in person! The Gothic Shop does have some of their pieces, check them out.

Manic Panic were there and the lady was absolutely lovely to talk to – she even gave me a sample of purple as I was asking questions about their purple shades (which were gorgeous). What I really liked about Manic Panic, is that they had swatches made on both dark and light hair – which means that you can view a result which is true to your shade of hair. Well done Manic Panic!

No Basic Bombshell were new to me and they courteously allowed me to have a peek and … I am totally gonna get these disco coffin earrings !

Next – Gothx, which I have discovered there and had an assortment of bags to peek over. Not necessarily my style though the spider clutch caught my attention … can you find it? 😉

Next Jawbreaker‘s accessories – I am digging the choker with the chains!

Spiral Direct … how awesome are these plush toys?? I want them all !!

Alchemy‘s stand is always so beautiful and packed full of amazing pieces, check this out :

I absolutely love the below necklaces, I think these could really jazz up an outfit especially at work. I work in a very corporate job so cannot really go all out with my bling, but this would totally work, what do you think?

Behold the carb collector … I need this pasta jar in my life!

Steel ground …. OH!MY!GOTH! I had never realised they had such feminine and glamorous shoes….and so LIGHT !! Ladies and gents – I do love my New Rocks, but damn they can take a toll on my feet.  I lifted one of the metal plated Steel Ground shoes and they nearly flew off my hands as I expected them to be heavy as fuck… and they were not, they were LIGHT AS FUCK!

And now for my discovery of this edition of Edge : Kira Don Jewel !

This is me with the Queen of the Shop Kira – honestly such a beautiful soul and very passionate about her products which you can check out below.

I really liked this stand as the jewellery looked whimsical, fun, and deliciously dark ! Another fantastic point for me was the fact that the jewellery is statement jewellery but also light (there seems to be a theme to this post lol). I have sensitive ears and I can never wear huge earrings…my ears always want to do a Van Gogh if I attempt anything slightly large!

I want to reiterate how lovely Kiara was – not every vendor has time for bloggers (hello Phaze Clothing) and even though she was a busy lady, she took the time to chat and explain her brand and concepts, and it really made me feel welcome as a customer, even though this event was not for detail retailing.l  I believe in brands connecting to their audience and this was a perfect example that it can be done (hello Phaze Clothing). I am now an official customer! Do have a peek at her site.

Grindstore had some pretty rad stuff ! I can see myself filling my new flat up eeek…

Sourpuss Clothing were there – apologies for the pics, it was getting busy there! I WANT the purple leopard bag ….!


Other cool stuff!

Now for some catwalk pics ! I will keep updating this as I have TONS of pics, but for now I will put up my favorites 😉 We did have a laugh with Heavy Metal Momma and Hannah from Smaugish (check em out on instagram/YT) about the fact that a lot of the models looked like they would rather die than be on the catwalk show – come on ladies smile a bit !!!!

Black bra hun!

Girls, just because we wear black doesn’t mean we don’t smile !

Right – this next section is definitely not my favourite clothing but damn it cracked me up. The music was BATSHIT : some animal noises on a trance techno backing track. Word!

She was absolutely hating it!

She was awesome and just strutted her stuff with a smile, well done !

And one of the best bits of Edge?? Meeting your fellow bloggers, instagrammers, vloggers !!!!!

I reunited with my sister in metal Heavy Metal Momma (youtube) and met the lovely Hannah who also has a Youtube channel (Smaugish). It is a long day and it makes such a difference to be with some cool ladies to have a cup of coffee and a natter, thanks ladies !!!

Oh and my outfit was very casual ! Killstar dress (on sale at Kates Clothing), Poizen Industries vest (Ebay)and Demonia trainers as I hurt my feet prior to the event (classic innit!). My headband is from the lovely Mel at Gothic Hats

I was meant to go to the afterparty and meet up with Heavy Metal Momma but I got there early and they got held up so I left as I wasnt feeling great. Still, I am pretty happy again with attending and meeting new fabulous brands and people!

Can’t wait for September (its my birthday wink wink ;-))!

Have you seen anything that tickles your goth fancy? 🙂


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  1. It looks like you had a fab time at the event. It’ll be really interesting to see what will be in alt fashion for 2019. I

    • Thank you! I am really curious too to see what we get presented with, I noticed that homeware is getting huge which is quite fun too x

    • They are really cute! Am really thinking of getting the kitty bat too, it’s too adorable 😊 thanks for reading x

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