We Are The Wierdos? No, I Am Not!

I know, I know … we have all watched The Craft, and of course ‘We Are The Weirdos,Mister‘ is a cult quote and I am not here to deny that … Look – I actually watched it when it came out (that fact is totally aging me faster than a banana!!) and then again on goddamn VHS (yes, I said it). I even acted out the outfits with 2 other friends … after a botched witchcraft attempt in my friends flat resulting in the smoke alarm going off (needless to say the spell to get the hot guy to look at us in chemistry class did not work!)

I’ll set the scene : picture a very hip hop /rap oriented high school in a tough, grim French suburb, and 3 highly intellectual yet very awkward goths  turning up in knee highs socks, inverted crosses and terrible eyeliner, making their glorious way in geography class. Yep – that was us!

I love the film, it is part of my youth.

But I would like to discuss something which is important to me : this ‘weirdo’ label and its usage today.

Indeed my submission statement  is : just because I am making a conscious choice to wear items of clothing that 90% of the population is not wearing does not make me a weirdo. It just makes me … a person (with taste ;))?

Of course, this tag line is now mainstream amongst the alt community, with many items now being branded with it : pins, patches, bags … Hell, it is one of Killstar’s taglines. It is a flag of honour.

But I disagree. And I will tell you why.

Tagging oneself with a ‘weirdo’ label implies abnormality  to me. It implies something inherently … wrong. Not that normality is not a subjective matter in itself; but to me ‘wierdo’ has a negative connotation.  A mark of something undesirable which is accepted by the individual labelling themselves.

So what is inherently wrong with picking and wearing items of clothing which a majority of individuals – ie an absolute mass – would not pick? How does this turn an individual making a sartorial choice into a strange person?

Well, the truth is that we live in a world ruled by an invisible dictatorship.   Sure, noone is going to drag you to jail for wearing parachute trousers, blue hair and an Eric Draven face tattoo, but we know full well that turning up with the aforementioned at a job interview will guarantee failure.  Because being visibly different will contrast with the invisible ie the mass. The mass rules, and the masses follow the mob. That, to me is WIERD.

In my mind I think the opposite statement is true ‘They are the weirdos‘ : as human beings who are all distinctively unique by nature and design, dressing up alike and following generic rules is weird to me. Acting like a sheep is weird to me. Men wearing ties is weird (ok if it is Thor, it’s not). People copy pasting entire looks from a magazine is weird.  They are the weirdos.

As I said, I love this movie and within the context of the movie this quote was wicked. This has now been dragged 20 years later into something else in and reinforced stigma in my opinion.

What are your thoughts? Agree, disagree?

Pop your weird comments down 😉

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  1. Hello, Jane from Irregular Fiction here, another who can’t use their WP id for some reason 🙁

    I like this post, I like that it made me think about something I just generally shrug off without thought (and I have a few of those postcards myself).

    I’ve never really minded being called weird – or spooky, nerd, geek etc. I call myself those names BUT you are right – I would never draw attention to them in a situation where it may be seen as a negative. I don’t see them as a negative in the main because I was called much worse when I was younger and being bullied – but perhaps that’s not the lens I should be viewing it through. So…I’m not really answering your question but I’m giving myself a few questions of my own to think about – if that makes sense?!

    • Hey thanks for letting me know re the issue, I think I have fixed it! and loving your response as I completely get it , in a way it is how we turn what we have been called into something beautiful and to be proud of. I was also called names, so I understand that in a way its ‘reappropriating’ it. But I thought a lot about it and realised that it was wrong in the first place for us to be called that – from a basic human perspective. Glad it made you think about stuff 🙂 xx

  2. Yes! I love this! It is totally weird to try and fit in to a set of standards some rich old white men have set. We are inherently unique and it is very unnatural to try and conform to be like someone else, like a cookie cutter shape of what’s ‘acceptable’

    • Exactly ! I feel like this is lost on so many people though. Division is created and actual individuals end up ostracized purely because the corporate money strings holders want to create and nurture a subservient population who will buy whatever the media sells them … Sadly, these stereotypes do not help.

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