Passion, Fashion & 2019 Resolutions

  1. I will have more faith in myself ! Faith No More? Faith YES More! Self destruction and negative thoughts about my own self are a thing of the past. Hasta la vista suckas!
  2. I will be patient and stop throwing tantrums when things don’t work the first time round (yes I do, and it is really bad!). New Motto when frustration hits? ‘Girl, Sit Your Ass Down!’
  3. I will wear my personality and my belly with pride! lol I am a regular girl in a world of irregular, photoshopped to oblivion faces and bodies, and that is who I am – and am proud of it. One of the reasons I started this blog was actually to give a genuine account of a random foreign girl in a strange land, with a passion for the dark and the metal. So here it goes!
  4. I will be fierce and not allow anything to rain on my parade, especially my own self-destructive thoughts! (nice hoodie no?) One of the things I do the best is be my inner Simon Cowell with no filter. It is so pervasive and has to stop. Years of emotional abuse have contributed to it, but I am hoping to fuck that shit up. Nasty and fake people also contribute to it. (this is my ‘I’m gonna whoop some ass’ face just in case)
  5. I will watch Karma unfold from the sidelines! Yep, I will not engage in anything petty. Things sort themselves out by virtue of the energy that is put out. And I will be the Duracell bunny of no fucks given this year!
  6. I will be more careful and think before I speak …
  7. I will be optimistic and keep my head high! (no drugs involved folks) That essentially is the statement which holds everything together. Without some sort of optimism, everything just has no basis to exist. I want my creativity to be limitless and the blog is the best way for me to achieve this. Cheers to a fabulous 2019!

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  1. Those are good resolutions, things every person should consider at all times. Very well written!

    By the way, since several weeks I find your posts hard to read using bloglovin. I usually click on the post there and then the link under the title to get to the actual blog (so that owner gets view, not only bloglovin). For some time I got an error message when clicking on your posts. Now it’s a short text followed by the not clickable link to your site (meaning I have to copy-paste by hand).
    If you intend for it to be that way, that’s fine. I won’t leave. Just saying, I personally find that a bit annoying 😀 😀 😀

    • Ooh thanks for your comment and the heads up !! It’s definitely not done on purpose 😱! Will check it 🙂 xx

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