First Haul of 2019 : Keepin’ Casual in The Back Garden

Having social anxiety and a lazy booty doesn’t mean one has to exercise their antisocial behaviour without a modicum of decorum, does it? [yasssss in 2019 – i am recovering my fancy vocabulary!]

I am challenging this from my back garden today – with some items from my first haul of 2019!

** Ignore the face I was testing my new camera hence the WTF look.**

In the true spirit of who I really am (the Indiana Jones of Alt Clothing – Raider of Primark) i went for a little venture in Camden earlier in the week… And I got myself a new hat and coat from H&M (the coat is a business investment as I will deffo wear it for job interviews, yes HMRC, you read that correctly). Hat was £12 and coat was £49.99 but I used some points off my H&M app [download it!].

The dress was £8 from a charity shop and it will also definitely satisfy work’s strict rules … as well as my new budgeting rules! The belt is £7.59 from Ebay, you can find it here. The seller is UK based so it arrived fast and sound! It did not fall apart upon putting on, which is always a good sign when you buy accessories from Ebay.

Bag and boots are from Killstar and I LOVE THEM! They were both crimbo presents and I honestly can say I am surprised by how comfy the shoes are – I used to own the Luna trainers and they legit killed my feet – I walked back home in my socks the two times I wore them.  So I was worried about reordering shoes from Killstar, however these boots are awesome. I got them with the 20% sale they had over Christmas so a pretty good bargain for my xmas voucher (£75 for the boots and£35.99 for the bag) .


I am doing a massive clearout of clothing this weekend – some to charity and some will be sold online – because, if New Year equals New Me, it definitely means New Clothes ha! However my goal is to source ethically and economically so I will definitely be thrifting a lot more this year. After all, I am possibly being Brexited out so I might as well look truly foreign and special mwahaha!




8 thoughts on “First Haul of 2019 : Keepin’ Casual in The Back Garden

  1. I rarely purchase Goth brands anymore , it’s just I sew most of my clothes, I do look at goth brand for inspiration. I source alot of my clothing from charity shops, occassional Primark do some fantastic accessories sometimes resassemble the Killstar’s. I love ebay, as I found some bargain and awesome belts and jewellery. My most recent find was a bird skull full length necklace for 99p.

    I always love your style and how you put outfits together. You always look fab.

    1. Thanks very much for your comment, I really appreciate it! And I am a big Primark fan too- they sometimes have completely off the cuff stuff decently priced. Or lace dresses and overlays which can be layered nicely. I love foraging in various places in general- head to toe brand outfits aren’t my cup of tea, and not to mention super expensive. eBay is amazing as well!xx

  2. Looking awesome as ever. I think there’s something in the new year air, I’m planning a wardrobe clear out this afternoon – I have my eye on new frocks on Killstar and need to replenish the pennies through Ebay. Their bags are nice quality as well as looking great, I have the starmap backpack and it is truly the greatest backpack I’ve ever owned. People have stopped me in Sainsburys to ask where I got it from, it’s that pretty.

    I really do have to stop buying astral themed items this year though!

    Have fun thrifting, look forward to seeing the results.

    1. Thank you! And definitely agreed in the new year air, I just gave away 3 bags of clothing to charity! I also feel like a renewal is due and since I thrift a lot I like to contribute 🙂
      Ooo I have seen that backpack and it is fab ! Nothing wrong with astral theme:) my flat is a tribute to the moon ;)x

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