Merry Rockin’ Gothmas !!

Dear All,

I am coming out of the lazy corner to wish all of my readers a Merry Festive Season and a big Thank You for subscribing, commenting and visiting this blog this year!!

I have to be honest, this time of the year can get a bit painful for me, due to the loss of a family member which happened around that time of the year, a few years back. But also because, in general, it is easy to get down during this period when you don’t necessarily feel like joining the forced bandwagon of ‘happy’; especially knowing that it is a false version of happiness, purely driven by crazy consumerism.

Jesus does not want you to buy a pooping unicorn, and neither does Satan by the way.

But still, we can all create our own happiness – it always takes effort of course, but it can be done. For instance, I rejoice in wearing Christmas leopard hats, studded Metallica jackets and prancing about in them!

I took a little break from social media as I just could not be bothered. It is awful but it is true : this past week I have had absolutely no motivation to do posts or photography – and that is a huge deal considering this is my passion.

I also forfeited on my singing lesson as I have had a disastrous practice session the week before, and felt extremely deflated with progress and lack of progress on guitar (they are picking up dust :/). However, Lemmy reminded me that :

If you think you are too old to rock’n’roll then you are.

I don’t think Lemmy was a Law of Attraction warlock, but he is basically explaining what I believe in also : You Are What You Think.

And I think I should have a go at moving from Keyboard rockstar to Heavy Metal Diva 😉

There will be people who will trash you behind your back, there will be people being judgemental and lurking in the shadows to summon your demise – but you must remember that you are a sovereign being and that ain’t nobody putting you in the corner !! (exception being my Ikea Micke Corner desk ha!)

On this note …

What will YOU get to be?!

Festive Hugs!!


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