The Hypocritical World of Body Positivity

So my last post -which was expanding on a personal opinion  I have on some of the behaviours I witness daily in the ‘alternative world’- seems to have triggered some people (meh – I HATE this word). It not only triggered a misrepresentation of what I was conveying, but some people erred dangerously in the ‘you are body shaming’ territory.

Let me be clear : I could not give a single f*ck about what anybody else is doing with their body- until it is forced upon me. They can shake it for all to see on insta, or do as some others do, censor some bits and ask for money on Patreon to get to see the 2cm left covered – they can squeeze their booty cheeks online and pluck a necklace out of it for a brand collab. They can walk around with their personal jungle and its inhabitants going wild and free for all I care.

The whole point is that …

I do not care about your arse as a socio-cultural representation of female empowerment !

If I am looking up to a model or a public figure – I care for your skills, your power, your ability to carry a style, your personality, your poise and overall badassness and ownership of yourself.

Not a cellulitic arse under the guise of #bodypositivity. Yes, I said it and *I * have a cellulitic arse.

If we were so ‘body positive’ then why do we always mock or overlook people dressing more modestly?! Why do we as a society judge people who wear covered up head to toe outfits for personal reasons?!Are they not allowed to do with their body as they please and be praised for it? Can’t they be role models too?

Nope, because nowadays we only equate body positive with random nudity.

But my friends. Let me tell you that I find these chicks right here, 200% more fucking badass than any other ‘I am so brave I dropped my pants on the internet‘ gals :

These ladies actually found their way within their cultural system to rock their body and made their identity shine like no other. Body positivity should go both ways, and what they have done is shown the world that they don’t need to follow the stereotype of the alt/goth/metal chick – they are body positive in their own way : they are true rebels in my eyes. 

In effect, what I really care about the after effect on the female psyche of this mass mediatisation of gratuitous nudity. I care about the fragile minds, the un-confident and the numbers of us who have been and can be uncomfortable in their own body and are looking up to someone in their sub-culture who can own themselves and their style. 

I know – because I was one of them.

That was until I realised that standards of beauty – mainstream AND alternative – are false, artificial and should mean NOTHING to an individual on this planet.

Looking up instagram and public figures for inspiration is great – until a certain stereotype is pushed and pushed constantly to intend to represent a sub-culture.  I am talking specifically about the My Little Porny aesthetic that is quite prevalent on social media (yeah I made that up ). This extreme promotion has the effect of normalising the behaviour.

Why do we think young girls these days are so pressurised to send graphic pics via social media? Because we are normalising gratuitous nudity as a standard

Thankfully, there are awesome famous bloggers/social media figures out there who do not promote this, and have an aesthetic of their own which can inspire others.  And much love to all my sisters in ethnic gothness – we are underrepresented, but we still represent !


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