Outfit : Lace Me Up, Imma Witch!

As a passionate anti-capitalist, yet pro wardrobe-fulfillist (this means I like to buy stylish shit and have an affinity with likeminded individuals), I always make sure that I buy things on promotion, never or rarely full price. It is very easy these days to keep up to date with promotions, and Lord Lemmy knows that we live in a timeline where promotions pop up every 3 days. Jesus’ birthday? Crimbo Promo. Reminder of Jesus’ chocolate fix? Easter Choco Promo. Satan’s fancy dress party? Hallowino Promo.

With that in mind, I purchased this Spyda Dress off Killstar when they had an 11:11 promotion on. Yes, 11:11 ! This number is actually and legitimately, a positive number which always indicates to me that I am on the right path when I see it.

With that in mind,  I had no issue dropping my other digits : my 16 magic numbers embossed on my Visa.


The dress is well made and I had no issue with the boobage area as I have had in the past. My modesty thanks you Killstar!


I partially purchased the belt off Restyle using points I had collected on their website. See, it is really worth creating accounts – Killstar also do it, but their scheme is a bit harder to get results with. Kate’s clothing have a great scheme too – get collecting y’all!

spydadress-4 spydadress-6

I am working my way through a lot of drafts this weekend, I shall be posting about my Newcastle adventures tomorrow, so thanks for reading and see you then!

This Killstar dress can now be found on sale here : Spyda Lace Me Up Dress.

The Restyle belt can can be found here : Witchcraft belt

Liquid lipstick is from Kat Von D, shade Vampira 


Alternative Fashion Goth Fashion Outfit

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  1. Awesome Outfit, I am not a big fan of all black dresses but you really have pulled this off. Maybe its because the purple in your hair or your confidence. Tell us the secret please? Regards Maddy

    • Thanks so much! Sorry your comment went into spam for some reason :/ The secret? pop a smile on and just feel good in whatever you wear!

  2. Looking awesome as ever, that dress really suits you. I just took advantage of Killstar’s 30% off for Black Friday offer to buy a new dress (bad me).

    And ooooh! You’ve been to Newcastle?! That’s my home town, hope you had fun and look forward to reading about it.

    Sorry I’ve not commented much recently, I screwed my neck up and haven’t been reading much.

    • Thank you so much and sorry to hear about your neck :/ Hope it gets better soon! I went to an alternative model contest up in Newcastle indeed 🙂 What dress did you get? x

      • The Milky Way Baby Doll for every day wear. I love these cotton dresses and I’d worn out my Disturbia Wednesday dress (I had to admit to myself the hole and the almost transparent fabric meant retirement). I also recently got the Tombstone Tourist dress, which is beautiful but the buttons are crap and whenever I breathe out they pop open on the chest which is annoying. I’ve parked that one until I get round to changing the buttons. Which will probably take me a year. Hope the comp went well.

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