Pitlochry’s Enchanted Forest 2018 (2)

Welcome to the 2018 Edition of the Enchanted Forest Post!


2018 edition you say? Yes indeed, for I had already set foot in the beautiful Forest back in 2017.

This event is a light and sound show set all the way up the Scottish Highlands.  No Duncan MacLeod in sight (yes the original Highlander!) – but plenty of beautiful lights … !

This is the map of the journey – the idea being that all forestlings get greeted by magical lights and sounds as they make their way through the Forest.


Let’s proceed shall we?


This year’s edition had once again some really amazing work done to not only pimp the huge majestic trees but also to make use of the lake’s reflection.

Forest-4 Forest-5

These bulbs were actually laid on the water. Perfect setting for Jesus to walk on the water, right?

Forest-6 Forest-7

Along the path, some Forest guardians were scattered, reminding you to keep smiling (and wash your teeth) !


….Aaaah the bridge. So much disappointment. This year’s bridge was totally bare and had no decoration at all or any effect.  Last year’s was stunning, and had water running on either side, which ended up being rainbow-colored thanks to the multiple bulbs laid around the bridge.

So I really felt let down when I arrived at the bridge location and saw this :


Anyway, I kept walking and my spirits went up as I was welcomed by these amazing colors – this really felt like a magical setting.


The below is one of my favourite part of this year’s edition – I am a massive candle and candle-light fan, so I felt right at home when I saw this :

Forest-12 Forest-13 Forest-14 Forest-15

The top highlight of the show – which is hard to show in pictures – is the holographic lightshow which took place on the lake : absolutely breathtaking!!


A succession of nature based graphics where appearing along with the relevant sounds and music, and it was totally enchanting!

Forest-17 Forest-18

The path around the lake was also littered with cute interactive animations, which were mostly targeted at children but still fun to play with as adults!

Forest-23 Forest-24

This Illumaphonium was stunning to see and a fun to play with. Essentially, this was like a huge lit xylophone, with notes responding as the metal bars were tapped onto it. I believe I have come out with the riff of the century there – watch this space 😉

Forest-19 Forest-20 Forest-21 Forest-22

In summary, this year’s show was still impressive but was missing the oompf factor of last year. Still, it was a wonderful experience that I am absolutely not regretting as it was part of a very refreshing weekend in Scotland, which was much needed.

I really enjoy trying new things and travelling to new places – it makes me feel very much alive and not a corporate slave chained at my desk!

What about you? Are you planning to attend a one of a kind event? Is it something you would like to do?


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