Pitlochry & The Enchanted Forest 2018 (1

Yes folks, I have rejoined civilisation and am therefore free to publish my outbursts of insanity onto the world wide web again!!

Let us rewind back to the weekend of 19th October 2018 which saw me trekking all the way up to Pitlochry in Scotland, where the Enchanted Forest light show was taking place.

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that the journey from London to Scotland was a loooooong one – as evidenced by the many train-fies I took before and post boarding … which were not only of me :


… But of my survival kit too !


Yes, the journey was long but wouldn’t you agree that experiencing such beauty is worth the effort?




I did and I plonked myself in that beautiful landscape, as you do 🙂



I took a few fashion pics over there and will do a separate blog post for these. For now, let us concentrate on Pitlochry and da Forest (in part 2)!

The scenery at that time of the year is absolutely gorgeous and very peaceful.




I also enjoyed being back in the village and taking a mandatory Goth shot of the Celtic cross !


As this was pre-Halloween, the village’s florist shop had a really cute window display which got me drooling for new home decorations.


This is the hotel I stayed at – the Fisher’s hotel – and from which the coach was taking people to the Enchanted Forest.


This was my hotel room at the Fisher’s hotel – may I say service was fabulous! Free whisky on arrival and an upgrade to this superior room? Yaasssss! (ps : find the Goth)


This is my intro post as I am still going through the rest of the photos …. So stay tuned for Part 2 of the Scottish Trip!


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