A Ghostly Appearance

….Aaaaaand just like the Spooky Jesus, I am making a reappearance right post Halloween! Are you impressed? Probably not, but I do like a nicely timed reappearance – especially when I screw up. I am quite annoyed about the virtual break myself, but my flat move has taken all my energy and internet connection. I also had to focus on exorcising the demons from the property and myself. This move has been absolutely horrendous from start to finish.

I still don’t have an actual internet connection (using my phone, whoops, I did it again Vodafone!) and am struggling to find my card reader somewhere in all my cardboard boxes- cos yours truly still needs to download all photos from my Pitlochry trip.

On the plus side, I love my new flat, and have already been enjoying the back garden 🙂

This post is accompanied by a way too short dress from Kreepsville666. I like their designs but I must admit they are quite pricey for the basic jersey dresses they churn out.


The jacket is from Reserved, a non alt clothing shop which tends to have hidden gems here and there. I LOVE this jacket, always gets me compliments or scared looks in my local Waitrose (especially with the spikes on head combo).

IMG_9877 IMG_9910 IMG_9914 IMG_9890

Oh and singing lessons have resumed and I am ready for it!


Thanks for reading this and See you around Folks, I still have my blog posts about magic, enchanted forests, conspiracy theories, and of course : GOTHIC SARCASTIC SASHAYING!! 🙂


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