Magic Is Real And It Is Not What You Think

I have hinted a few times that at some point you were to actually get a break from my mug, and instead get a download from my mind. This post is an introduction to a series of posts I will write on a specific topic …

… Today I want to talk about Magic.

Not the crappy Disney/La-La-Land magic which always implies a saggy old witch with a herpes-ladden nose, nor the Blackcraft Cult kind of magic which infers a plastic surgery-ladden chick with an instagram account full of witchcraft conducted in their underwear (Where do you think a-BRA-ca-da-BRA came from? mmmhhhmmm these instagram witches have it all covered!!)


Let’s start with the bovine’s droppings aka BS (I am trying really hard to stop swearing in my writing) e.g. society’s common definitions for magic:

The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford Living Dictionaries)

Another one :

Magic is the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen, such as making people disappear or controlling events in nature. (Collins Dictionary)

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My beef – to carry out with the cattle vernacular – is that in both of these definitions, and generally speaking in society’s view, magic is characterised by the referral to external influences. These influences are themselves labelled as ‘supernatural’ ie : outside of the ‘natural’ order. And by natural order, it is mostly assumed that we are talking about man’s limitations.

In summary, the common view is that magic is the ability to influence events through the use of external forces superceeding the common man’s abilities.

But what if the natural order as we know it, was a web of lies and deceit? What if man’s perceived limitations are actually just that : perceived? Because we are taught from a young age that we need to look up to random entities and that ‘magic’ is the stuff of corporate fairytales?

Do you remember that old saying that we only use 5% of our brain capacity? I happen to believe it is true – but only because our brains are distracted on purpose by endless ‘entertainment’, ‘media’, distractions. Bread and Circuses.

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That is right : our ability to focus and thus implement change ourselves, with our own capacities, is completely sabotaged by an endless stream of Lardashian related news, petty dramas and social media engineering. How do you spend most of your days ? do you meditate and focus your mind to achieve your goals, or are you scrolling down SnapTw*t and giving thought power to mindless things? Do you believe that other people’s lives are more interesting than yours and deserve you following them and eating their scripted li(v)es off?


My belief is that we can do real magic. And by real magic I mean : changing our own realities. Magic is not what we have been sold ie fancy wizards and witches shooting off rays of sunlight out of their behinds.  Magic is just the ability to change your reality using your own power.

We can influence our own reality using our own natural abilities and directed energy. I know, because I have done it and I still do it 🙂

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I will be writing about my stories, experiences and tips about this in the coming days. Until then I leave you with these quotes and would welcome your thoughts on this topic !

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this! I always knew that the system kept us dumbed down in order to prevent us from taking back our lives from corrupt government, but never considered how these distractions also keep us from developing our own power. I don’t believe that we create everything in our reality- why would a kid create being diagnosed with cancer, or being abused by a parent- but I do believe that through specific intention and energy work, that we can choose to manifest and attract certain things into our lives. Along these lines, if we constantly focus on a certain fear/negative thing, we can manifest that into reality. I believe manifesting is intentional, and that while we don’t manifest everything that happens to us, we do have control to a certain extent. I’ve been really getting into my own spiritual journey and already feel so much better, more positive, optimistic and in control than ever.

    • Amen sis ! I agree that we don’t create our reality – in fact I believe that we are thrown in this reality and have to fend ourselves against a lot of man-made constraints (cue employment slave system). However , the power to change exists and people do not realise the power of their words and that karma is very real. I am very careful with words with because words cast spells (we dont call it spelling for nothing)… Ill write a bit more about this. Thanks for your input and glad to hear you are on a good path!!

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