Imperfect Alt/Goth?I Confess My Sins!

The following is a tongue-in-cheek and finger-up-the-middle post directed at what I call the Snoths aka the Snobby Goths and the AlTits aka the Alternative Tits, roaming the streets and polluting my inbox once in a while with their Goth Police Warrant for Ungothic / Unalternative Behaviour.

No, I don’t anxiously lookup a Siouxsie Sioux altar every morning to decide what is the best way to triangulate my eyeliner to make it ‘Gother than Goth’. I can make my own eyeliner shape thanks very much. I don’t give a single damn about the Standard Operating Procedure for Goth Chicks With An Online Visibility.


No, I don’t and won’t get my tits out on the internet for this assumed pseudo-validation that showcasing alleged gothic mammaries makes one edgier than anybody else with a pair of jugs. Really, girls? That shit is played out and seriously lazy, lame and honestly? uninteresting. 

I’d rather showcase my style and stay low-key, rather than be lazy and show skin for some vile online gratification – which sadly is endorsed by brands and people alike. I ain’t joining the Boobs’R Us wagon anytime soon. This doesn’t mean I am joining Al-Gothica or Goth Isis soon either, but there are self-respect limits in my book.


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No, I don’t give a shit about alternative / goth cliches, and not fulfilling them fills me with great pleasure that indeed, I am NOT a cliche, but Myself.




Yes, I buy a lot of high street brands…Because style is not about the brand but the design and how you ROCK IT.


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Yes, I will smile and be goofy in most of my pictures and still consider myself affiliated with the Gothic sub-culture. Not because of cliches, but because of my love of the dark and spooky, my natural inclination to dark arts, literature and aesthetics. You wanna permanently look like you need Dulcolax for affectation? be my guest, but not in my presence as that attitude reeks.




In Summary : F*ck Da Goth Police !



Top : Boohoo

Headdress : Etsy

Necklace : Kreepsville666

Purple Hair Dye :  Colour Freedom, Mystic Purple



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    • You’d be surprised, I had to block someone on Instagram who was getting agressive talking about how am not a “real goth” because I would not respond to dodgy advances and then claimed I stole his fashion ! People are crazy and clinging to cliches.

      • Basically there are a lot of unhinged, insecure people who go on social media to soothe their ego. This person started nice ie ‘your photos are cool’. When they started delving into private territory i politely said that ‘ i didnt feel comfortable discussing private life, and that wasn’t the aim of my page, he went mad and said that ‘I wasn’t a real goth anyway’ (lol I guess i failed the exam) and that he was gonna report my account for stealing his fashions (double LOL). This was probably an acneic 12 year old anyway, but there are plenty like that on insta! I block instantly xx

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