When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

… Put on your comfy shoes, go down your local thrift store and meet a really sweet shop worker who will bring not only a smile to your face but a top and a skirt for your totally random ‘shoot myself on my terrace‘ photoshoot ! Sponsored by : Never Eat Pizza before taking fashion photos cos your friend Dairy-Belly always comes out to the party!

Anyway, I have been and I still am a bit of a Moana Lisa these days. Yes, a Moana Lisa : aka one who moans but is still able to hold it together for a pose. Hashtag : dedication.


My last post was moan central, well this one is moan to the left and moan to the right. I got rhythm y’all !

Still, there is contentment in this post too :  I do like this outfit which was a bargain from the Octavia Foundation, a charity shop which always prices very fairly and does a great job! I donate a lot of my stuff there and always find something nice too. I do believe in doing good and getting good (Karma is not a bitch, Karma is a goth fairy who accepts Paypal).


The top is from Supply and Demand and was £3 and the faux leather skirt is a Zara steal for £6. The pot belly is courtesy of a margherita pizza eaten 20 minutes before I whipped the camera out. Clever Gal!


This week has been really frustrating and stressful, and it is probably why I did quite well in my singing lesson this Friday! I actually screamed like a banshee on the afternoon of the lesson, practicing Judas Priest’s Between the Hammer and the Anvil in the bathroom – not because I am that vain, but because it helped me ensure I opened my mouth wide enough … and also because it echoes greatly and reaches my soon to be ex-neighbours perfectly. TEE-HEE!

As I have given notice to terminate my tenancy, the landlady obviously now wants to advertise the flat for viewings …  And I have been extremely accommodating with supplying lots of slots and days (including Saturdays) for her to send the next victim to this demon’s lair. This flat has terrible energy and I haven’t been able to sleep in it for nearly a year now. This flat is so demonic, even Satan doesn’t haunt it during the night!

My problem is that she booked some people who did not turn up and wasted my time. Then on top of that, they were bombarding me with phone calls whilst at work, when I expressly stated that they should email me as I am too busy running meetings about wheels of cheese (i ain’t joking). Then, I started feeling ill through exhaustion – I am trying to launch a business but it takes an enormous amount of time which I am struggling to find with this flat business.

Then the epitome of the first class problem : THE CHOP !! I have been deeply unhappy with my latest experience at the hairdresser. We had discussed at length (HA i am so funny!) a balayage of purple to black. Sent many pictures on insta. Tell me why when I got there and sat there for  6 hours, I ended up with strands of purple ??

I had to query it via messaging (I was too frazzled post session) and asked ‘ Is there a reason why we didn’t go with what we discussed?’. He could not really answer so I went back the following week … which turned my hair into a goth brillo pad. Which made me so upset I had to go back to another hairdresser I used to go to and whom I trust a lot (Biba in Camden Hair) and ask for advice>

The result?


I am very gutted as it took me a lot of time and effort to grow my hair long. But I do recognise this is a completely asinine problem in the bigger scheme of things.  And I have other things to moan about!


Still, f*** deaf hairdressers !!!


This moaning post was sponsored by a bad day and lots of screaming !

How do you cope with niggly things ruining your day?



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