A Living Dead Girl in Highgate Cemetary

These last two weeks have been more mental than a Donald Trump rally. Honestly, this is actually possible.

I have been:

  • ill, multiple times – because … just to make sure?
  • dragged into ooooone more neighbour incident which triggered the ‘here’s my notice of termination of inferno residency’ event [yes, I am breaking free a la Freddie Mercury but I wont grow a ‘tache]
  • dragged into endless verbal waffle gatherings meetings about wheels of cheese and how do we trace back the bit of cheese that was taken to the counter and needs to go back to the stock room? CHEESE, PEOPLE!! The WORLD DEPENDS ON THIS PIECE OF WORK! I try to convince myself but it does not work either. #LifeofaBusinessAnalyst
  • dragged into a workshop about launching a successful online business, which resulted in me dragging them to hell for being more fraudulent than KISS  (I hate them).
  • haunted by Satan’s futon. The sofa in my currently flat is the work of the DEVIL : once your butt cheeks hit the surface, you can NEVER leave it. It has this magnetic pull which turns you into this slob.

I did manage to get out of it and … be bitten mercilessly by the guardians of Highgate Cemetery where these photos were taken.

Oh yeah, please note that these photos were taken prior to THE CHOP. THE CHOP is still raw so will be detailed on Wednesday.

highgate highgate-13 highgate-11 highgate-10 highgate-9 highgate-14

On the plus side, I feel like a boss … because I have created a brand and I am currently waiting for the trademark to be approved !! I am also working on designs for my products, so something to be proud of ? (as a living person standing on some poor sod)


Top : EMP Clothing

Skirt : Amazon  (£14.99)

Boots : New Rock

How was your week?



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  1. I read your chop post before this, and felt your pain. For some reason there was a time in my life when every hairdresser I met felt my hair would be so much better 6 inches shorter. I disagree vehemently. I’ve been with my current hair-girlfriend for 10 years now and she’d better not leave me!

    Lovely pictures. Hope things settle down for you soon.

    • Thanks very much for your kind words! I am really disappointed with the hair but I had to be pragmatic… glad you have the perfect hair partner !! Xxx

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