Purple Hair Hustle : Manic Panic Violet Night

Can you believe that as soon as I landed in the UK from Portugal, I caught a cold AND a non-stop thumping headache? Catch’em all my arse, I really could have done without this combination on top of my return to corporate land. UGH!

As a result I have been feeling extremely rundown and have been more snotty than the entire British Royal family [toilet roll count since last week : minus 5].

On top of it, I have had to run 2 full days of business workshops, completely blindsided by some changes made on the presentation documents whilst I was away, and more spaced out than Apollo 13 (hard to not beat frankly)…

However, whilst I am still sitting on the second part of the Portugal blog posts (soz), I did find the energy to shoot myself [ha] with my new hair, courtesy of a very patient hairdresser and some Manic Panic Violet Night hair dye.

Indoors posing, very prim and proper like :


Outfit details :

Outdoors posing,  pissing off the neighbours and running to the holy toilet roll after each take style :


Outfit details :

  • Shoes are New Rock 
  • Neptune Dress is from Kate’s Clothing on sale for £14.99
  • Necklace is from a badass Etsy seller  Horribell
  • Earrings are from Attitude Clothing

For me, this hair change is a HUGE thing. I know for most people it is just hair and a new color; but for me, who has been repressing myself due to various external influences for so many years, it is a big deal.

… Especially when I turned up to a business workshop which I was running, completely oblivious to the fact that yes, actually the purple does show !!  Funnily enough, I was kind of underwhelmed coming out the hairdresser’s, as I couldn’t see  (or most likely was painkiller’d up and sleepy as fuck) the purple … That is, up until I went to the toilet for a workshop break … and all purple hell broke loose !!

I was so devilishly happy that I actually looked like this : 😈 !

The moral of the story is that the role I play between 9am and 5:30pm shouldn’t change the person I actually am. Sure, I am grateful for the money paid for the acting job, but still, why should I repress my real self for an acting job? After all : no brain cells were harmed in the making of this hairdo 🙂 😈

Yours in Purple Thunder,



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