Alvor Por Favor; A Marv’ Time in the Algarve (I)

Disclaimer : At the time of writing this post, I am on the “48 hours post-holiday clock” and my soul is not only seriously trying to brexit again, but it is also rather upset with the cheesy title of this post … Why yes, it has been a while since I had inflicted a carefully crafted camembert ladden title upon my lovely readers … But sorry guys I am now out of the dairy free diet, and free to offend!

Anyway, enough rambling!

I am back from a 5 days trip in the Algarve, more specifically in Alvor, a little English village on the coast. This holiday was a holiday – it was booked 5 days before the departure date. I actually didn’t book it on but on [not even joking, that is the website!].

First of all, the trip nearly started with a call to Fox Mulder & Dana Scully off the X-Files, as these wierdass clouds showed up in the departure lounge. Honestly, these pictures do not capture nearly enough how wierd these things looked : they looked like a really bad photoshop or MS Paint … in real life? The Matrix is bugging 😉


I did eventually arrive at the hotel … after paying a €110 fare !!!! Disaster Tip : if you need to take a cab in Portugal, get the smallest car available. Fares differ based on the size of the vehicle – and of course I had to plonk myself in a minivan!


On the way back it cost €68 though.*smugface*

I stayed at the Pestana Dom Joao II, which is located on the beachfront and a 10 minutes walk from the village.  Mama did not want to commute to/from the beach.  Oh nah.

My room was on the 5th floor with a groovy view of the sea and the pool. I really enjoyed waking up to this view rather than to the sound and smell of the local garbage truck and of my neighbours having a domestic row.



But of course, I enjoyed even more taking selfies chilling by the pool 🙂 I did go in the pool as well … Born to Lose, Live to SWIM !!

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The hotel is part of an area which is surrounded by the Alvor Boardwalk, a really cool way to walk around the entire stretch of beach and hotels. For people who enjoy a walk by the sea without struggling with the sand, it is perfect !



… and it is a perfect spot for moon spotting too !


I loved the color of the sky there – the sky went pastel goth and it was divine ! After the badly photoshopped clouds from London Stansted Airport, it was a welcome sight.



The sunsets on the beach were amazing and so calming.  They were so calming I haven’t even issued an F word yet in this blog post !!





This area of Portugal is famed for its rock formations, as you can see on the below pictures :



This is me wishing that my arse was hard as rock  … working on it !!


Enough talking about the booty and the beach, let’s look at Alvor village, shall we?

Well, the village is quintessential tourist oriented … and pretty much a British village !



The center of the village is pedestrian and is made of little alleys with typical portuguese black and white cobbles. It has lots of tourist shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors with delicious ice creams… which I demolished.  I told you, I broke my dairy free diet ! it was oh so worth it !


A really cool cafe / restaurant to eat in which I recommend for great food and coffee in Alvor : the Albar cafe.


The coffee was so cheap and tasty ! Imagine this : 2 waters and 2 coffees for €4.40. This is what I actually spend on nasty sock juice masquerading as coffee in London.


The food was lush,  this is one of my many meals there. Vegetables tasted like … vegetables !!!!! *Praises the Green Giant*


The town also has a little marina with a couple of bars outside it as well as restaurants.






This cracked me up! But it is also indicative as to how touristy this area is. Honestly, all I could hear was Brit accents over there, which was quite funny as all I hear in London is everything else !


This area of the town has quite a few tour guides ready to take the sun chasers down some caves and booze fuelled trips.


On the walk back from the marina, I really enjoyed walking around this little alleyway which characterised by its white and colorful houses.  Yeah I *know*  I am supposed to love all things black but come on, aren’t these steps and houses cute?!


Oh Lord Bon Jovi, it seems this post is getting mahoosive so I think I will be doing part 2 tomorrow, where we will talk mermaid hair, Portimao and Lagos 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the trip! Leave your thoughts below 😉


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