The Dark Arts Fayre, a Bizarre Sunday

Fact: This past Sunday, I have been more productive than I usually am. Not only did I do something lady-like on the day of the Lord (appointment booked for radical hair change yay), but I also did my best to actually show up and support someone I know who was exhibiting her art at a local fair.

This event is called the Dark Arts Fayre, an alternative / dark/ macabre artifacts market which is held in various places in London across the year (usually in Bethnal Green). This time around, it was taking place at Nightclub Kolis, a venue which also hosts gigs in the evening under the name ‘ The Lounge 666’.

This was a sign of things to come… literally.



Fact : I was personally not so impressed this time around, as in my opinion, there were too many DVD stalls and not enough popping, mystical, cool artefacts stalls.



This dude had some oddities which were interesting but I did not really see anything I’d want to get. I am personally really not a fan of animal bones or taxidermy, they both creep me out. In my mind, the only good bones lay at the bottom of a KFC bucket.



Additionally, the market was lacking the bling bling aspect and the fun psychic stalls I saw the last time I went to the event. Indeed, the way to my heart is through my fingers, neck and wrists …. BRING ME THE BLING!



In fact, I was so disappointed that it shows in my photos – they suck. No matter how much editing I am trying to do, you can tell I am not focussing or paying attention to what I am snapping.

PS: I did not focus on that, my camera did.

darkartsfayre-5.jpg darkartsfayre-6 darkartsfayre-9


I did love these stained glass art pieces though!

darkartsfayre-10 darkartsfayre-11


This is Sonia from Drakula Approved whom I went to say ‘Hi i want bling please‘ to.


Sonia has a petulant assistant called Petunia.


But Sonia and Petunia make cool stuff together all hand painted !



The one thing I forgot to mention – which probably put me in that crap mood – is this AWFUL theremine music which was being played LIVE. It sounded like a castrated ghost, trying its hardest to emit ‘booooo’ and  ‘oooooh’ for HOURS.

In fact, I am still in a crappy mood and it is Tuesday !! Fix it Casper !

I do think this event is probably suited to a larger venue but I do understand how hard it is to find decent spaces in London. I can hardly find a spot to park my ass on the London tube in the morning, let alone rental space for artists. Also,  from what I understood, the timing wasn’t great to get other vendors to set up a stall, with holidays etc.

Anyway, let’s hope for a better event and some heavy metal shall we?


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  1. I just spat tea on my keyboard at the sight of the large pink appendage. Perfect post to sit here and procrastinate to, thanks!

    You planning on a return to the festival at Whitby any time? I do like their market stalls though I can rarely afford anything.

      • I’m arriving unfashionably late! There’s a gig in Newcastle I want to go to on the Friday (Hands Off Gretel) so I’m not heading down until after the actual festival fun on the Sunday. That might sound odd but it’s my wedding anniversary on Halloween (the following Wed) so we’re coming down when it’s a little quieter to celebrate. And the dog is insisting we take him to Rusty Shears for a doggacino!

      • Thats so sweet re Halloween :)! I will be going Friday to Sunday so might be bumping into each other 🙂 x

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