Back to Reality & Quitting Virtual Insanity!

So I am fresh back from a trip to Paris, during which I was supposed to blog daily.

Did I blog daily? Nope.

Am I sorry I haven’t blogged daily? Noooope.

Haaaaaang on! Please don’t get the pitchforks out.


Don’t get me wrong, I was really dead set on blogging daily as this is my PASSION. The below are accurate representations of me blogging (ps: I am the cat and I am the dude)


But you see, what I did instead of the daily keyboard bashing was much more important in the grand scheme of my life : I got splattered in chocolate milk by an unruly nephew, I stuffed my face with gluten-containing (but oh so delicious) pizzas with my mother, and I got enthralled in political gossip over excessive amounts of caffeine with my padre.

All this was enjoyed without getting my phone out to check instagram or fugbook notifications about which type of tuna was consumed by an acquaintance 500 miles away.

… And let’s not forget an unforgettable evening with my gorgeous childhood friend Nat, with whom many Windows 3.1 powered spells were cast back in our teenage years, as we pretended to be the French Exotic equivalent of the Craft’s protagonists. Yes, we had a coven. Of two.


During that week, I also walked around the somber and mystical alleys of the Pere Lachaise cemetery (and yes there will be a blog post!), and just simply chilled out and did some street photography (see previous post!)

Was there a bad moment during this trip back home?

I am ashamed to say that the only bad moment I felt during that week was that I did feel pressurised into posting photos on instagram. I found myself in a situation where I did not have any material, where the weather was too hot to be creative and where … I could not be bothered.

But this is where I realised how fucked up that actual thought process was : here I was, chilling in a beautiful city, eating and enjoying time with my loved ones and am, getting flipping insta-anxiety because I did not have new material to post within 5 minutes ??! How ridiculous, but it is true. Instagram breeds a need for constant posting, especially within the fashion and blogging worlds.

I only compete with myself, so I don’t tend to give a damn about the outside world’s thoughts.  But platforms like instagram create unhealthy competitions and generates so much spam and accounts latching in and out for their own benefit that it gets infuriating and irritating. Let’s not talk about people dropping others when their need for constant scrolling isn’t met, people buying followers etc … It is all FAKE and time consuming.

Saying that, I have met some really nice people on there and that is a fact, but my patience with the platform has now run out.

So I have deactivated some of my social media and will 100% focus on blogging only 🙂

See you around ….!


see you soon

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  1. Hey girl ! You know what I woke up with a bit of a different mindset today. Yes real life comes first, but reclaiming your ability to record your memories and post them as you wish is also your prerogative. I just wished that Instagram policed more their platform but I guess money talks !! Thanks so much for being here 🙂 x

  2. Real life should always come before social media. Even before social media, I hated taking pictures of events and concerts because I wanted to enjoy myself and I still do. My only regrets in that is not having enough tangible memories, which is why I try to take more now, but not for followers and likes.

    I’ll miss seeing you on Instagram, but I still get to see you here, so no sadness!

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