Fun, Frolics & Fountains à la Française

Dear Heatwave, many thanks for waving at us, but for now, please can you go away?? *waves back at the heat with non existing air*

*Sigh* (with no air, just stored solar body heat)

Dear readers, as you may know, my last foray back home was very disappointing (the winter blog archive is a actually a depress-fest) . With this in mind, I had many hopes of making this trip better.

Of course, it is better by virtue of seeing friends and family, but the current heat is unbearable and I cannot seem to be able to redeem myself creatively, only sweating profusely.

Saying that, I managed to make something of today and we will be talking a fair bit about fountains (do not worry, this is not a metaphor for my sweating), food and the flipping heat!

Here’s the rundown …

I started my journey in St Michel, one of my favourite areas back when I was a strange law student. Out of of the cultural stuff that could have got my pseudo photographic attention today, well this took the winning prize :

Yes, I got no shame : potatoes and cheese are some of my favourite food items and I live for fondue !

Next, was some more Frenchie representation of food – you need to know that the St Michel area is littered with restaurants of all cultural backgrounds, and whilst a lot of the prices are completely jacked up for tourists, there are a couple of gems in there. I do love the window displays and I will update with more photos shortly.

Oh yeah…Some of those displays also include … french pirates, clearly distinguishable by their sense of style. .. Yes, mes Cher’s, how many clean shaven pirates have you seen in your lifetime?! Arrrrhhhhh!!

Afterwards, I made my slow, sweaty way towards the George Pompidou Center area, where I used to hang out a lot in back in the non corporate slavery days.

The below graffiti captured my attention – obviously a post World Cup statement – but the interesting part is that next to the black and yellow ‘The World is Ours, a statement reads “Some bread and some games“. A clever social statement against the manipulation of the masses? Reminded me of the alleged ‘Let Them Eat Cake” from Marie Antoinette.

In the same area, was this dude. He seemed to be printing his photos and letting them dry the old school way … I wasn’t too sure but he seemed in a deep convo so did not interrupt. I went full paparazzi instead!

Now we are getting to the funkiest fountains in Paris! These are on the side of the Pompidou Center (didn’t take a pic as did not have the right lens for it) and make a change from classical angels urinating H20 whilst being overlooked by gargoyles !

I was SO JEALOUS of this mama and her self refreshment system at the time of this picture! Here I was, clad in black, sweating buckets, and Lady Water Canon Titties was chilling in fresh water constantly spritzing !

After cooling down a bit with my Lady friend, I decided to walk back towards the little streets leading to the St Merri Church.

Let me say that I actually thought I was hallucinating or having a heat stroke when I saw this in the Church :

Upon blinking – and changing camera filter – I realised that yes, a giant foil football was perched beneath JC.

… Yup it was an art installation which allegedly gave a full moon effect? I did not really understand it to be honest, but I did enjoy my time in the refreshing church.

My conspiracy brain was wondering what was the meaning behind this eagle being upside down, so I took a picture for future reference ! If anybody knows, holla at a Conspiracy Sis!

After popping back out of the church with new conspiracy theories ingrained in my mind, I went back to the streets to retake a picture of this statue thing which I failed to take correctly earlier due to the sun shining in my eyes (remember that the sun does not give a damn about shining, so you shouldn’t either !!).

This is a pretty awesome mural which depicts fake windows and residents. It is now classified as a historical piece of art. Love the cat chilling at the top, very realistic – until I realised the cat was not moving to scratch something.

This made me giggle – how random? I feel I am missing a gay euphemism ….

I love these type of graffiti as they hold meaning. The one on the right is a pun on french words which is a bit hard to translate. Essentially: Art (Art) + People (Gens) = Argent (Money). Since the french word argent is phonetically made of the two words, it makes sense to the francophones!

We get to the end of my walk, as I looked down on the river Seine for some freshness. There is literally no wind over here so I gave up, not without snapping ‘Paris Beach’!

My final shot was a testament to what was going in my mind at the time : WATER!!!!

Hope you are managing with the heat ! How do you occupy yourself with such mad temperatures?

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