A Paris! Et Je Suis Lazy!

Bonjour mes amis !

I have arrived in Paris this weekend for a little break and it is absolutely BAKING HOT!!! It looks like Satan actually decided to spite our usual “not today Satan” by cranking up the Sun to fry us down to The Donald Trump Suntan Level …


Hell no!

Mama’s ready to fight:

Well … kinda ! I have been hiding in my parents’ house over the last two days, slowly rebuilding the calorie layer I had managed to lose through angry British gymming (whereby one reads the Daily Mail on the treadmill and gets their heart rate pumping harrrrd).

And oui, those éclairs and tartes aux fruits are the Devil ! In fact, my stomach seems to have happily made a pact with Lord Gluten to be able to devour these pastries all day. No allergies so far… interesting. I have always thought that the food in the UK was heavily tempered with and this doesn’t quell my suspicions … *adjusts tinfoil fedora* discussion for another day though:)

By the way, I have also already drank my weekly water requirements in coffee beans … j’adore !

Over these days, I have also met up with my little nephews and had some good old political conversations with my dad so this is a good start to the trip … which leaves time for some exploring and photoshooting !

I have made a resolution to get out tomorrow and do some snapping around Paris so blogger mode will be reactivated:)

So with these words I am saying À bientôt!


Paris Random Trip

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  1. hahaha France is a cold country, but in the summer cities like Paris can get extremely hot, especially because it’s far from the cost and there’s no wind.. feels suffocating lol
    I hope you enjoyed!

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