What Happens When You Shoot Yourself … With a Camera

Yesterday, I decided to do a last minute outfit post and I could not be bothered to do it at home due to the heat – plus, my posing options would have been limited, and as you can tell I like to strike a pose (come on, I am strapped to an office chair for 40 hours a week, my limbs deserve it!!)!

I really wanted to showcase this Dark In Love dress I ordered from Kate’s Clothing – it is similar to a Restyle dress but at £39.99 it is £20 cheaper! The boots are from New Rock and the model is 8272-S1.

What do you think is happening whilst I am taking this photo and looking straight into my little Canon M50 mounted onto a Manfrotto tripod?


Well, I am basically in a public park, minding my own gothy business and I am getting so many glares I am doing a Jesus and turning the other cheek !


I DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is so disturbing for my fellow earthly civilians to compute.

Honestly this park is HUGE, and there are people outthere smoking joints and others doing the beast with two backs under Spongebob printed blankets – yet *I*do get a lot of confused stares / slow walks  when I am out shooting.

Woman wears black in a park and takes photographic evidence ? Ermahgerd !!!!! Call Mulder and Scully !

Listen, I even had the park rangers driving slowly when they passed me, reversed and drove again. Lolololol.

Who gives a fuck though?


The worst part is not the glares, actually.  It is when people actually get in your face and try to be dickheads and disrupt your flow: for instance teenagers screaming at you to take their pictures or approaching your kit (that stuff is not cheap).

But I keep on doing mah thang. And get ready to stuff a metal boot up their groin.


After taking these pics, I decided to sit on a bench to pack my stuff up. And guess what? Four dudes decided to surround me with their cans of piss with bubbles (aka beer, can’t stand it sorry) and get all ‘Oi oi‘ with me. Thankfully, I had System of A Down telling me to put more makeup in my headphones, so I just packed up and left.



In summary, life of a blogger is not always glamourous but I love it!


Do you get bothered outside for your looks?


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  1. As always you look amazing, and I suspect the park rangers were admiring something of beauty tripping about their flowers beds rather than the general palette of naked British flesh that people seem compelled to show at this time of year (so many bare hairy stomachs on bikes round my way right now. I just keep shuddering at the thought of the flesh burns if they come off at speed…).

    Gorgeous frock. I bought my first DiL frock a couple of months ago – a witchy, lacy creation with a rather lovely tie-style neckline. I’ll be honest – for £26 I didn’t expect much so I was over the moon when it turned up and was bloody gorgeous even after a number of wears and washes (and yes – I must do an outfit post!!).

    • *blushes* thank you very much !! This is my third DiL piece and I must admit the quality is really really good for the price they charge! I have a couple of tops from them and the work on the sleeves is kinda fishnet lace and it’s very solid. Was expecting it to rip but didn’t. We need your outfit posts, you have lots of awesome stuff !!!📸☺️🙌🙌xx

  2. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I can just shrug it off, but other times, it’s so hard I can’t go out for days. And I’m not even taking pictures 🙁

  3. I’ve only had one guy comment on my look. It was shortly after Halloween and he felt compelled to tell me Halloween was over -_- how original
    I have a severe resting bitch face (not an accident either) so people are usually too scared to approach me. Today though I was out looking like a Normie and twice,a stranger felt compelled to attempt to strike a conversation with me, interrupting me as I’m trying to go about my business. Idk if it’s just me but super friendly people freak me out. Where are the scary spikes when you need em?

    • Girl that Halloween comment, REALLY? I really don’t like being interrupted by strangers either, especially when you know that it is because they are negatively curious and just don’t respect your choices and feel they can bash you.
      The one time I really enjoyed a stranger’s comment was when this 80 year old prim and proper granny saw me and a friend completely decked out cemetary chic style, and gasped ‘ Oh my you girls are fabulous!’. I was NOT expecting this, she was like a proper little English lady and we looked Black Mass ready. That was very cool of her! Normally I blank everything out with headphones if spikes aren’t available 🙂

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