Weekly Update : Exhaustion, Commotion & REBELLION !

So at the moment, I am really struggling to keep up with everything.  The struggle is real and hard.

“Harder than than a rock” to quote AC/DC.

Work utterly drains me from 8:30 to 6pm Monday to Friday. In fact, when I come out of the office, I honestly feel like pasta after it has been cooked : soft, soggy and gormless. I try to be truthful to a spaghetti’s nature in the morning, and big up and motivate myself hard (no pun intended … which wouldn’t work anyway because I don’t have a stretchy appendage), but by lunch time, my shoulders are hunched and am surfing the web for “the best excuses to call in sick in the summer” [food poisoning works all.the.time] – in effect, I am al dente by then.

I have put a schedule in place for my post slavery work activities : gym on Monday & Thursdays as well as Sat morning if I can be arsed, daily guitar practice from 9-10 pm (shower and dinner before) but then I seem to run out of time for blog photos, chores and actual sleep. And bear in mind, I need to slot in my singing practice as well … Mama wants to scream against the nasty machine.

But how, when 70% of my useful time is given to the corporate slave masters?!


I absolutely ABHOR the system we have been bred into for hundreds of years : who is the thunderfucker who decided that we had to work five days a week to LIVE? How come no-one queries these arbitrary five days?? Imagine if there was a mass revolt and we all decided to say ‘fuck this shit, I will only work 3 days a week’? The government would have no other repite but to enforce this – or face civil war and generalised anarchy.

Sadly, everybody seems to be way too indoctrinated in the consumerist matrix. So I am taking things in my own hands.

My contract has come up for renewal, and I have TOLD my employers today that if they want to keep me, it is on a 4 days a week basis. The first thing they said was ‘ what if it wasn’t possible?’ – to which I replied ‘I’d have to stick to my principles and move on’.

My future will be on my terms.

For I am In Control.sphinx-2.jpg

Are you in control?


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  1. Yes! It’s so nice to see someone else feels the same! Everyone around me is content to work the 9-5 slave life and tells me to do the same, but I’ve never been one to be content with the norm. This world feels like a prison sometimes. I mean, why should we slave away our lives for paper. Why pay out the arse for food, water and shelter, when Earth gives us these for free?? It’s insanity.
    I’m also trying to learn to scream, and learn guitar, watercolours, get into alternative modelling, finish my novel, start up my own blogs, learn self defense, grow my 2 YouTube channels, and get clients for my pet sitting/dog walking business. So much to do and so little time, and I’m the type of person who is way too stubborn to try and lighten my load. Damn Capricorn in me lol!

  2. Yes!! It’s so nice to see someone else relates! Everyone around me is content to work the 9-5, and pressures me to do the same. I literally feel trapped. I ain’t about that life!
    It’s such BS we have to pay out the arse for shelter, water, food, etc. Basic things the EARTH provides for FREE! So insane.
    I’m also trying to learn how to scream, play guitar, and I’m trying to learn to paint with watercolours, plus I would like to get into alternative modelling. So much to do, so little time.

    • Girrrl ! That’s actually the worst part – people so indoctrinated they embrace the slavery. Throughout my jobs i have ALWAYS been given side eyes every single time i strayed from the office and went out for lunch ! People would rather eat a disgusting industrial sandwich in front of their computer and do extra work *roll eyes*!!! I hope you find a good balance, what makes you happy should come before what makes us indebted xx

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