Eyeko’s Eye do Eyeliner : Eye Love !!

Dearly Connected,

We are gathered here today to talk about my biggest weapon of self-seduction : the eyeliner. Eyeliner has the power of turning my morning boiled egg looking face into a fierce corporate Catwoman visage, ready to send catty evil looks throughout the office.

The reason why I am choosing these pictures to accompany the post today, is because they were taken under 32 degrees London heat and pollution conditions [read Eau de Bus Fart & Armpit Pot Pourri], and my new favourite eyeliner has stayed put and blacker than black ALL DAY. So I am gonna sing its praises. And reveal the name at the bottom. Teehee.

But first of all, I want to confess.

Yes, I did do it – my black-apparel-loving-ass has worn WHITE !!!!! *DUMDUMDUM*

Not sowwy!

I never subscribed to the train of thought that because you identify with the darker side of things, you shouldn’t wear elements of paracetamol shaded clothing. Sure, this is very exceptional, but still, a wee bit of white every now and then doesn’t hurt. Look: even Beetlejuice did it, and the chap resides straight in the pits of hell.

So, on one of the crazy heatwave days we have had recently, I decided to wear a top I got on on sale from Disturbia , which I purposely wore … upside down (spot the anomaly!) , some earrings from Curiology and some fake leather shorts from Reserved.  And it felt … fresh.

My make up was minimal yet still adhering to the dark sidecome on, I am not that bad a traitor – the winners here are :

  • Urban Decay Distortion Palette  – I LOVE this palette and use it for most of my looks. The shades are varied enough that they allow both light or heavy looks. I used the ‘bleach‘ and ‘blackout‘ shades here very very lightly as I worried that everything would turn into mush in this heat. It didn’t and I did not end up looking like a glittery panda.

I have used TONS of eyeliners throughout my career as office Goth and my usual complaints with other brands such as the l’Oreal Blockbuster and even Kat Von D’s Tattoo eyeliner are :

  • The black is not black enough, and turns into a blueish grey after a couple hours wear (l’Oreal Blockbuster)
  • The application of the liquid eyeliner is trickier than a Matisse painting on LSD (Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner). For non facial artists like me, the praised Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner is actually a nightmare because of the almost too fine brush which makes the application a Rocky Balboa job : 6 episodes required for a hard earned victory.

The Eye Do Eyeko eyeliner is a deep black pigment and the application is extremely easy as the brush doesn’t split or do funky shit at the end. The depth of the black stayed as it was in the morning – and I was out in the sun all day (as evidenced by my tango-ed look, another Goth sacrilege).

What do YOU use for the finest lines on your face? 😉


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  1. Ah well done !! I am still to practice with it, everybody does rave about it but I am not very good at doing both eyes equally lined up with it. Do us a tutorial 😉 x

  2. I’m not very good with top liner, but I still have the most luck with the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. I adjust the brush width by angling it on its side 🙂 I’m all about the waterline liner though. For years, I thought nothing beat Stila’s kajal liner. But then I got Too Faced’s Love Pallette and it came with an eyeliner that’s JUST as good

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