Lookbook: Killstar Tartan Wretched Skater Dress

You can take my sleeves but you will never take my bosom” –  Thunderella666 on the Killstar Wretched Tartan Dress.

Yes folks, I did just bastardise a glorious Braveheart / William Wallace / Mel Gibson quote about freedom and independence to talk about dress measurements and boobies.

Sorry, not sorry folks, as this is a place where we talk all things fabulous and frivolous too! And the reason for this quote is to do with my review of the Killstar Wretched Skater Dress, which I am prancing about in the below pics – in an actually genetically modified version. *cackles likes an evil Frankenstein of fashion*

If you look at the actual dress on the Killstar website (link above), you will notice it has lots going on in the upper body area, including a stretchy pentagram and two shoulder straps. In true witch metal fashion, I SLAYED my straps to death.

Why? because these extra straps were too long and kept falling down and pissing me off : they were falling either side of my bra straps, and I had to constantly pull the actual sleeves for the dress to stay in place.

Peace was finally achieved after a wee bit of Edward Scissorhands pratice.

My earrings are from Wonderlandmc, and as I mentioned before, every single piece of jewellery I purchased from this holy place has been fantastic. I wear these earrings a lot!

I accessorised the dress with a belt I got from New Look for 50p (I love a good bargain) and I think it helps accentuate the fitted shape of the dress and give the look some oompf.  Which is the noise I made when I fastened the belt. Eek! [Did you know that there is an actual band called Oomph! ?]

My lipstick is Ruby Woo from MAC, which is a retro matte red. I absolutely love matte lipsticks but it is quite hard to find bright mattes that stay put, especially after three coffees. This lippy doesn’t disappoint!

The sunglasses are from Disturbia, I bought them last year directly from Disturbia and they are now on sale !

In summary, I really like the dress – the material is soft and stretchy, the bipolar design is pretty cool; but I am glad I didn’t pay full price for it (it is £44.99 but bought it for £34 due to a voucher I had). The upper body bit is a little bit annoying and I find myself constantly pulling the sleeves down so the pentagram doesn’t look like a confused parallelogram.

Have you ever had to hack your new purchases as well?



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  1. You look fabulous!

    I’m skint these days but in the days of steady income I bought several Spin Doctor victorian style pieces that all came with a really annoying flappy bit of lace over the bust. I’m petite so it looked ridiculous and made my generally perfectly fine bosom look like I was made for feeding the 5,000. So the flappy bits had to go. I’m thinking the sleeves on one of them might be next – the dress is a pretty soft cotton but the sleeves that cheap stretchy lace stuff that feathers horribly.

    I do like Killstar’s cotton pieces (strictly on sale / vouchered). I’ve been wearing the Moonchild skater dress a lot this summer as it’s the coolest most comfortable dress in my wardrobe and it’s bliddy hot. Even living right by the sea in the coolest place in the country!

    • Thank you ! Agreed on the Killstar cotton pieces, they are stretchy and comfy, really liking the material! I really wanna see your spin doctor back now !!! Some times less is more 🙂 🌹

    • Thank you !! I had written a comment but it has disappeared :/ I was saying that I really want to see your custom dress!! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make an item of clothing *yours*.
      Killstar’s cotton pieces are awesome actually, its a good mix of cotton and stretch indeed !

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