Lookbook: Killstar Tartan Wretched Skater Dress

You can take my sleeves but you will never take my bosom” –  Thunderella666 on the Killstar Wretched Tartan Dress.

Yes folks, I did just bastardise a glorious Braveheart / William Wallace / Mel Gibson quote about freedom and independence to talk about dress measurements and boobies.

Sorry, not sorry folks, as this is a place where we talk all things fabulous and frivolous too! And the reason for this quote is to do with my review of the Killstar Wretched Skater Dress, which I am prancing about in the below pics – in an actually genetically modified version. *cackles likes an evil Frankenstein of fashion*

If you look at the actual dress on the Killstar website (link above), you will notice it has lots going on in the upper body area, including a stretchy pentagram and two shoulder straps. In true witch metal fashion, I SLAYED my straps to death.

Why? because these extra straps were too long and kept falling down and pissing me off : they were falling either side of my bra straps, and I had to constantly pull the actual sleeves for the dress to stay in place.

Peace was finally achieved after a wee bit of Edward Scissorhands pratice.

My earrings are from Wonderlandmc, and as I mentioned before, every single piece of jewellery I purchased from this holy place has been fantastic. I wear these earrings a lot!

I accessorised the dress with a belt I got from New Look for 50p (I love a good bargain) and I think it helps accentuate the fitted shape of the dress and give the look some oompf.  Which is the noise I made when I fastened the belt. Eek! [Did you know that there is an actual band called Oomph! ?]

My lipstick is Ruby Woo from MAC, which is a retro matte red. I absolutely love matte lipsticks but it is quite hard to find bright mattes that stay put, especially after three coffees. This lippy doesn’t disappoint!

The sunglasses are from Disturbia, I bought them last year directly from Disturbia and they are now on sale !

In summary, I really like the dress – the material is soft and stretchy, the bipolar design is pretty cool; but I am glad I didn’t pay full price for it (it is £44.99 but bought it for £34 due to a voucher I had). The upper body bit is a little bit annoying and I find myself constantly pulling the sleeves down so the pentagram doesn’t look like a confused parallelogram.

Have you ever had to hack your new purchases as well?



8 thoughts on “Lookbook: Killstar Tartan Wretched Skater Dress

  1. The belt totally adds to it! Looks great on you! And I love those sunglasses 🕶 (we both know I love a good oversized pair of shades)

  2. You look fabulous!

    I’m skint these days but in the days of steady income I bought several Spin Doctor victorian style pieces that all came with a really annoying flappy bit of lace over the bust. I’m petite so it looked ridiculous and made my generally perfectly fine bosom look like I was made for feeding the 5,000. So the flappy bits had to go. I’m thinking the sleeves on one of them might be next – the dress is a pretty soft cotton but the sleeves that cheap stretchy lace stuff that feathers horribly.

    I do like Killstar’s cotton pieces (strictly on sale / vouchered). I’ve been wearing the Moonchild skater dress a lot this summer as it’s the coolest most comfortable dress in my wardrobe and it’s bliddy hot. Even living right by the sea in the coolest place in the country!

    1. Thank you ! Agreed on the Killstar cotton pieces, they are stretchy and comfy, really liking the material! I really wanna see your spin doctor back now !!! Some times less is more 🙂 🌹

    2. Thank you !! I had written a comment but it has disappeared :/ I was saying that I really want to see your custom dress!! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make an item of clothing *yours*.
      Killstar’s cotton pieces are awesome actually, its a good mix of cotton and stretch indeed !

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