The Salty Therapy : A Brighton Seaside Trip

According to the urban dictionary, “being salty” equals :

Being bitter towards something or someone aka #bitter #mad#upset

I can honestly say that last week I was extra ionic with a touch of acidic.  As I was talking about in my social media post, I had been wasting my energy feeling annoyed at random people, but had also been looking at negatives instead of all the blessings I can be grateful for. I really dislike feeling bitter inside because it makes me regress to someone I don’t want to be. BUT! I have excuses !

My current contract (yep I am a corporate gypsy innit) has me spending 40+ hours in a windowless office which is darker than Mordor during a solar eclipse, and dealing with the same politics I have been dealing with for the last 10 years. Imagine having Donald Trump as the Solution Architect of your project, Vladimir Putin as the Business Subject Matter Expert and Theresa May as the Programme Manager : A MESS! Executive tantrums and poor decisions galore. My quiet gothic ass is a bit like Jason Voorhees in this context : with a professional mask on, but with the desire to runaway and slash all powerpoint presentations to death on the way.

So I booked the day off last minute at work, and decided to do one of the things I love, which is to be by the seaside.  I hopped on the train to Brighton, which is just over an hour away from London, put my phone on airplane mode (yes, I am a fucking rebel) and … was greeted by non-armpit stenched air upon arrival. YAS!  

I absolutely love being by the sea – the air, the space, the cold refreshing water … It instantly lifts my mood up.  And I feel FREE … as a biiiiiiiird. *cue Freebird guitar solo*PS: This song is badass.

Spending all these hours locked up in an office is so unnatural to me, and once in a while I just need to literally GTFOH : Get The Fuck Out of Hell.

I actually hate stone beaches but hey beggars can’t be choosers! I only managed to put my toes in the water, it was absolutely frozen.

Being there made me really long for the day when I won’t have to marinate in corrupted excel spreadsheets and offices febrezed to death with pointless governance and lunchtime meetings.

Brighton is a typical seaside resort with its little bazaar boutiques alongside the seafront. This gave me relaxed holiday vibes – which was amazing considering this was a Monday and I was technically supposed to be in a Project Meeting at the time I was actually strolling and sipping a Mojito.

I carried on walking and I saw … a doughnut. Nope, no sunstrokes over here : a heavy metal doughnut my friends!

Post doughnut break [and blind attempts at fancy photography], I carried on my walk towards the pier. Of course, I had a coffee on the way, because no matter the weather, I will have my bloody hot coffee !

I have a little booklet to write down things I want to get out of life – my little manifestation book if you wish. I still haven’t manifested my mansion, but am working on it!

Oh and it turns out I wasn’t the only one doing some chilling and gazing at the sea !

What you see here is Brighton’s famous pier – indeed a visit to Brighton is not complete without a trip to this pier and its crazy seagulls.

Look at these badasses over there !

At the end of the pier is an arcade which I really didn’t go into but took a few piccies of.

On the side of the pier appeared a green chariot … it was Ivor the tarot consultant! Dude was smart though and was closed for the day … I guess I wasn’t in luck ?;-)

This however cracked me up : corporate clients really?!

In all, it was a very relaxing walk and being on the pier, at a height over the sea was very freeing. I did not scream “I am the queen of the world” a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, but I kinda felt like it !

Further down the seafront, were a few walls with graffiti. I really love some urban art, especially when it is tongue in cheek or just plain cool like the below.

In essence,

and this day left me …

What makes you feel rather fresh? 🙂





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  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of the ocean view through that pretty, ornate circular structure.
    I’ve never seen the ocean, but I live near a couple lakes. The sound of crashing waves is so soothing. Nothing like Mother Nature to give you some TLC.
    Glad you had a good time 🙂

    • Thank you !! Yes the sound of waves and cascading water is wonderful, I even play it on Spotify to drown rubbish outside. Hope you get to met the ocean soon 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of the ocean view through that beautiful ornate, circular structure.
    I’ve never seen the ocean before, but I do live near fresh water lakes; the sound of crashing waves is so soothing. Nothing like Mother Nature to make you feel better

  3. I always see Brighton Peir in the British Vlogs I watch and I always thought it looked like a fun little day getaway. Looks like I was right! Good for you getting away for the day! Sounds like it was much needed!

    • Thank you ! The city of London can get overbearing on top of the crappy energy that has been up in the air lately… the sea is very healing 🙂 x

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