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As you may have gathered, I am a bargain warrior – a bit like a Robin Hood of Goth shopping – except I don’t shoplift; I just rob the rich companies from a full profit margin and buy everything discounted instead *rubs gloved hands in glee*.

Jokes aside, I don’t believe that you have to spend a fortune on branded stuff to get an alternative, unique look … In fact you probably won’t get a unique look if you go via the “mainstream” alt brands : a quick instagram search will show you that a lot of these ‘alt models’ just have Nicki Minaj lacefront wigs on, the Nicki Minaj plastic booty cheeks reverse-installed on the chest area and the sempiternal Duck Face.

Yes, I am petty and I own my pettiness. Alternative & Goth cultures being stereotyped to trashy bimbos doesn’t sit well in my book.

Also, I love Wednesday Addams but I am bloody sick of the 456th version of the black dress with the white collar that gets released every damn year. At least give Uncle Fester’s garb a chance?

Aaaaanyhoo [what a digression eh??] I was researching a new belt to add to my armada when I stumbled upon these badass belts from a website I would have never ever considered for cute alt stuff …  Pretty Little Thing.

Well look at these !

And then this cute harness which could be customised with bling (that is my plan :-))

And how about this heavy metal beauty ?? Of course I bought this glamourous medieval bondage skirt – and I cannot wait to set off metal detectors !

So this is the first of a series of blog posts I am going to do about alternative finds across the internet. I hope you enjoyed ! Stay tuned for the next posts and feel free to share your finds in the comments as well 🙂

xx Thunderella xx

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  1. Belts are sooooo expensive for what they are. I’ve lost weight recently (through illness – not the recommended way!) and had to buy new belts – firstly no one seems to cater for a 27inch waist on the high street anymore and secondly the cost is just staggering. I did go ‘goth’ last week and bought Jawbreaker’s black cage belt (£13 from Kate’s Clothing) which is a pretty perfect fit (though I don’t believe their blurb where they reckon it fits up to a size 14 – 8 -12 at best). I really like the black chain belt above and picked up a similar one in Topshop which cost £22. £22 for a bloody belt!!! It had better last me the rest of my life!!

    • I know right??! Back in the day i used to find belts in Primark for £2 – £4 and they did the job, whilst looking good. I really do not understand how retailers get away with pricing above £25 for a simple belt. I suppose I do : there is a market who will jump on the bandwagon. However I prefer to scour and find bargains or if i have to pay more – at least pay for a design that is different and/or involve some proper work like a corset belt or cage belt. A straight line with holes is not worthy of spending £25! 🙂

  2. Alt is sooo “in”, it’s not really alternative anymore, I think. Same with nerds (glasses and so). Seems like the “cool kids” in the end were nothing but jealous 😎
    Looking forward to your next finds!

    • Absolutely spot on! It is getting ridiculous actually because everybody now wants to look like the ‘Alt Stereotype’… Yes sadly there is now an ‘alt stereotype’. That is why i focus on doing my own looks regardless of specific alt brands. Thanks for your comment !

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