Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

… Oops I did it again!

I fell into that world famous hole … thathole which is darker than Alice Cooper’s eyeliner and Marilyn Manson’s y-fronts !! [sorry but hygiene doesn’t seem to be his forte]

The hole of … CORPORATE DOOM!!

Nope, I am not referring to a new genre of metal (although I am pretty sure someone will invent it – copyright and royalties to your left please & thank you), but to the rather evil activities I conduct between 9 and 5:30 which have literally made me sink into my sofa, my bed and my pity parties for the last 2 weeks. I didn’t sink like Leonardo DiCatchaHo in Titanic, but was more or less floating like Kate Boobslet – aimless, cold but still determined to go home with my bling.

Add to this an overall very gloomy atmosphere all around (this is the white witch talking), and we have a recipe for late blogging … But better late than never right?

I am resuming with some various topics this weekend, including witchcraft and conspiracy theories – and of course makeup, fashion and other assorted shenanigans 🙂

The below basically represents me over the last 2 weeks : plunged into darkness, but still wanting to pop out – especially with my new Kreepsville necklace !

gardening-7 gardening-8 gardening-9

Work has been challenging, with classic office passive aggressive bullying happening in meetings. In essence, there are people on this Earth who get their 10 seconds of fame by trying to shoot others down in public – in my case, by pointing out that the colour of a box I drew was the wrong shade of green [aaaand he repeated it 4 times, louder each time].

What they don’t know is that mama is armed and ready and that I am always prepared for my meetings. So they had to contend with ‘haha you might need to adjust the resolution of your glasses –cue *cute smile, psycho eyes*should we move on to a more RELEVANT topic of discussion??’.

Never be afraid to put wafflers in their place! Just because they like the sound of their own voice, doesn’t mean you have to listen to it.  You can turn the volume down.

Personally, I put their arse on mute  🙂


Socially, I felt pushed against the wall a bit over the last weeks or so, I haven’t gone to Download festival  – which I am very fond of  – and felt generally quite behind in my scheduling of activities.  And this has nothing to do with the fact that I have missed out on 5 days of heavy metal, booze and more metal …


gardening-31 gardening-29

But I now have a break scheduled in Paris, one in Italy and one in Spain with a fellow queen of the Dark, so I AM catching up … and so is my credit card.

But the worst thing you can do with lost time, is to keep losing more of it. Whilst we cannot go back in the past, we can be efficient in the present. Like book multiple trips ahead even if payment happens later down the line. I like my diary like I like my tummy : FULL !


A bling bling side note : these earrings are from Primark and cost me … £1.50 ! Always check the unexpected places for bargain gems.  This lippy is Kat Von D’s Nahz Fur Atoo.


I am now looking forward … (with my H&m hat)!


I am determined (to keep my tummy and diary full AND mute assholes)!


And I am going to keep crazy and keep rocking on !!!!!!


Have you felt the wave of bad energy lately? Are you on target with your goals?  In any case, remember to turn your own volume up and mute the brutes 😉


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  1. “Just because they like the sound of their own voice, doesn’t mean you have to listen to it.”- Love it!! I’ve been in a funky myself lately, lost myself for a bit, but I’m crawling back out of the hole, if slowly. Got two metal nights in a row and got my ticket for Vans Warped Tour next month. Definitely gotta treat yoself!

    • Hey, thanks for following and your visit 🙂 so many people have said the same, and I felt also lost and clueless. I’m very glad you’re crawling out, the speed doesn’t matter , only the fact that you’re going upwards 🙂 2 metal nights sounds ace !! Enjoy!! Xx

  2. Good for you for for standing up for yourself at work! I think there’s definitely been a general sense of blah going around, so you’re not alone!

    • Thank you! And yes!! Several people I spoke too also felt the really negative vibes lately. I hope this will sashay away soon !x

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