The Crazy Bear Hotel Beaconsfield

*George Michael Voice*

Laaast weekend, I gave you my credit card, but the very next day, you broke it away

True story, on Friday 25th May 2018, I was mopping about at home – because that is what I do sometimes – and decided last minute to book a weekend getaway at the Crazy Bear Hotel in Beaconsfield (30 mins from London by train). An expensive – yet oh so worthy – escape from London and its madness.

Why did I pick it? Because who wouldn’t want to sashay away in luxurious surroundings, pretending they are Morticia Addams’ exotic cousin on Goth Spring Break?! Ok, maybe you don’t but I sure as hell did!

This is the entrance of the main building, with the namesake big Crazy Teddy Bear guarding the premises:

These were my surroundings … YES MIIIIIIIINE (for 2 nights waaaaaaaaaaaah)!

I sat on every single chair in the room, glazed at every single ornament and legit took notes for my future mansion. How cool is this place?! Dripping in velvet, purple, reds and oranges, the room was soothing to be in.

Now the venue … Listen, I am not a morning person and I usually skip hotel breakfasts because they are too bloody early (who dafuq goes to breakfast at 7am on holiday??), but trust that I was in the breakfast room at 9am sharp to devour my buffet brekkie and snap away !!

This is the breakfast room :

After breakfast, I continued my tour. As I was walking towards the main restaurant, my senses were attacked by sheer opulence … and a zebra’s butt.

This bear is the wino guardian – and a stylish one at that.

I spent ages on the staircase because … how badass is this staircase??

Oh and the place has a Morrocan themed lounge : SWOOOOOOON! My exoticness felt right at home – and the tent curtains were black … whoop whoop!

… The lounge is set up by the hotel’s pool. I didn’t go in the pool as there was a pool party going on at the time of my booking. But still, I took notes for my future mansion 😉

I have to admit, I was really impressed by the decor and the fact that all the various artefacts and themes merged so perfectly together – between the morrocan lamps, the crazy bears on the wall and the gothic chandeliers – nothing felt out of place.

Especially not me … 😉

Oh yeah, you didn’t think I’d take my fancy metal goth booty aaaaaall the way down this luxurious lair without my outfits?! Part 2 coming soon 😉

So, Crazy Bear – yay or nay? 



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  1. I really dont get why the reviews on tripadvisor are sub-par… of course everyone has different experiences but the uniqueness of the hotel alone should be 5/5. the decor is just so gorgeous!!! I would definitely be up for visiting for at least 2 nights to make sure i get them snaps!!! hahahaha
    looks like you had a good time xxx

  2. GURL. Okay, I don’t even know what to talk about first. That bed is a total beaut. And that tub? STAHP IT. I love the candelabras and the chandelier and just all the detail that clearly went into this place. Um, are we not going to talk about the unicorn head on the wall? And I can’t with those details on the stairs. If this is your future mansion, I want an invite to your housewarming party.

    Can’t wait to see part two!

    • Oooh thank you ! Yes I refrained myself from going gaga and unleash verbal diarrhoea about every single picture but that unicorn is bomb ! And of course, you’ll be VIP in my mansion 😉 thanks and see you soon!xx

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