Lookbook : Lady of the Ranting Rings

The below picture is a perfect illustration of what one looks like when they really really really want to do an impromptu fashion blog photoshoot, but have been beaten up mercilessly by the insidious corporate machine during the day :


I look tired and defeated [but my outfit is poppin’, right? 😉]

… Because tired and defeated is exactly how I have felt this week. Most days, I feel like I am living to fulfil obligations, and not to fulfil my ambitions.  I am sure thousands of people are feeling like this – stuck in a rut, waking up to go to a job they cannot stand, coming back exhausted and repeating the whole shebang the following day.


To pay their way in life. Because that is how we have been conditioned to live : no money, no honey! And unlike some scroungers [including the biggest of them all : Queen Elizabeth – The Queen of Benefits ] we use our vital energy to manifest bits of paper … with the Queen of Benefits on it !! … oh the irony!!

And why is it that we have to work 5 days a week and only get 2 days off?? How is this balanced? it is not and I demand more time to sashay out in full length gowns and pentagrams dammit!!!


Even though I was knackered, I popped on a H&M dress (i love this cold shoulder dress – it can be assorted with a lot of various accessories), a H&M Divided split skirt , a ring belt from Disturbia and took my rebellious derriere to the South Bank. I also took my Killstar Book BagOh and my ring choker is from Ebay.

I will shamelessly blame the insidious office life for ruining my attempt at sultry face – and I demand compensation in the shape of a holiday in Barbados. Thank you!


On a serious note, I often wonder how some people manage to juggle obligations with passions?? [relevant thinking face below]


I try to schedule my activities and put them in my phone calendar with a reminder. It is not always easy to stick to the diary entry, but I do find that anchoring it in my phone makes it more real, and forces me to do stuff.

Making time is essential for me not to lose my mind and it makes me feel like I *do* live and am not only a dutiful office worker clocking hours and Lazy Elizabeths.

Look at how smug it makes me :


So lovely people, how do YOU juggle your passions with your obligations? This could be writing, photography, painting… anything that tickles your fancy ! (I am waiting !)




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  1. I love each shot here, it reveals a different part of the outfit! also you look great and your make up is on fleek. my biggest passion is hiking and i try to save that for the weekends, followed by baking!! but I have no one to share my baked goods with these days! im thinking of joining some clubs to explore other hobbies and hopefully land on something that I like. since i live by myself, i dont want to get used to doing nothing after work because im so exhausted. just have to find a way to channel that exhaustion into something exciting

    • I get it am the same ! Work is exhausting … but hopefully with flexible working patterns we can spend more time living rather than recuperating:) xx

  2. I know I already expressed my love for cold shoulder and sheer overlay, so I’ll move onto your question 😉

    I literally have things like “read book” and “watch movie” down in my planner to remind myself not to just work work work OR waste time falling down a Google hole and wondering where the day went.

    The one thing I’ve never had to remind myself to do is writing (fiction, anyway. I still have to write down “blog” in my planner…) Writing is something I seem to find time for no matter what. When I worked retail, I would literally ring up customers and then pull a notebook out of my pocket and start writing whatever story/novel I was working on. If I forgot my notebook, I’d use discarded candy boxes or receipt paper. I just couldn’t not do it. That makes me sound like an addict . . .

    I guess my point is that if you really enjoy something/are passionate, you’ll find and make the time! Just like the way you’re exhausted from work but still are like, “Fuck it. I’m headed out to look fabulous and take pictures.”

    • Yes I do the same with putting little actions down. It’s like having a « prompt » to do the things you wanna do. Wow at the retail story! That’s really cool and shows you are inspired everywhere 🙂 I should carry a little notebook for when inspiration strikes, thank you !

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