Run to the Hills, Strut for Your Life

… As many times as I have played this song, I can never tire of it ! It is especially appropriate for the treadmill : just play that song and picture yourself running after the meal of your choice … ta-dah : the calorie counter is hitting the roof !

Aaaanyway today’s blog post is a fashion one with a bit of a Hippy Metal Witch of Primrose Hill tone … You don’t know what that means? Groovy! that is good news as I just made it up!

As you may have gathered, I LOVE to layer clothes, and especially wearing long-ish skirts or dresses with heavy metal boots.  So guess what? I did it again. Oops.

Baby, hit the website one more time


I am wearing an Iron Maiden dress which I got in H&M, layered with a mesh overlay I got in Forever21 . Forever21 ROCK for their overlays, I always find some good stuff there. This one gets double cool points as it is split on the side – which is perfect as I put on some weight.

Goddamn you Twix bars! So small yet so potent !!


My hat is from Killstar, and I got it thrifted on a Facebook group for alternative items, but you can still find it here.  I have a thing with buying only on sale / thrift. Must be because of too many years working in retail and seeing the ridiculous margins!


And guess where the leggings are from?? Forever21 again! They had a bit of a black lace and corset phase last winter and I very much enjoyed it.

As I said multiple times, being alternative is not about buying everything from, but about creating and rocking your own style !


Shops to me are just a source – and I consider all sources when I shop.

So for instance, this choker cost me £2.59 on Ebay postage included. The product is here, price has slightly increased but better than the £15 other websites charge, right?


I am wearing two belts : both from mainstream stores 🙂 A primark studded belt (£1 or £3, it is old, and one from Dorothy Perkins quite old also). I love belts and own two bags full!

But guess what, belts don’t tend to go out of style so it is worth getting some and keeping them. Plus they can revive an old dress or outfit! … Wish I could say the same about make up and my sleepy face eeek!


So this is the end of the post, and I can honestly say that my go-to for an outfit that is truly me always involves length and some sort of drama! I don’t know why, but I just love floaty things and capes … My reasoning is that I must have been a badass witch in a past life? 😉

What is your go-to outfit?

⚡🖤⚡Thunderella ⚡🖤⚡


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  1. I really admire your confidence to strut your outfits out and about. i always feel like when I do it, i get starred at. Not so much in London, but definitely in close-minded Glasgow. I don’t doubt that there are people looking at you but confidence is an amazing thing, and you have it for sure!!!

    My go to: black skinny jeans from boohoo. so good, i bought several pairs. as someone who has thick thighs that chafe usually, the jeans are real good in minimising that!! I also love lace and boobage hahaha

  2. If I am honest I live in my M&S skinny black cotton jeans (short!) – I have 4 pairs and they go with anything and fit me perfectly. I do love a good Killstar or Disturbia frock but like you I buy sale or with a good discount code rather than when they first drop. I had a wardrobe clearout recently and realised I seem to have been buying a lot of stuff with the moon on it – dresses, tees, necklaces, earrings – I have a bit of an obsession! So I guess these days you’ll find me sporting the moon everywhere I go 🙂

    • Ooooh I love moony things also! Was planning to do a post on it as I literally own every piece of jewellery with the moon on it 😅! And yes to skinny black cotton jeans- I wear leggings all the time, comfy and you can wear a nice tunic or dress over them. I am curious about your moon outfits, post? 😉

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