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For anyone who has been surfing this me(n)tal blog, you may have noticed that I am not your textbook Goth /Alternative/Metal chick. I have never been into textbook looks or behaviours – and as such have always felt a bit alternative to the alternative. [This sounds like a political party, right? “Vote for me and you will get free dark chocolate, a 4 day week and a Black Kitty national bank holiday!”].

This over-categorising of looks within subcultures wasn’t so obvious in my youth (other than generic punk/goth/metal), as people weren’t so obsessed with labelling themselves anything and everything under the sun – “punk polyburgerous transbanana with lunar disorder”… give me a break !

Back in my teenage years, I was just walking around as me, the girl with long black skirts, metal t-shirts and badly applied eyeliner (come on that shit takes years of practice, even Robert Smith gave up!).

These days, social media is ruining originality and any sense of uniqueness and the richness of subcultures by forcing down everyone’s throats ‘textbook looks and physical traits for being a Goth / Alt Chick’. If you don’t fit the model, you are not a “true Goth” or a true “Metalhead”… Nevermind the music, the books, the movies, the DIY …

Goth The Fuck Out of Here!

Excuse my French (it comes out when I am very tired or pissed off ) … but how have we ended up with corporations dictating how a subculture is meant to be lived and enjoyed?? (PS: I know I am repeating myself on this post – but this is the summer version and I promise I will stop raving about this lol)

My Gothism stems from my love of all things dark and macabre and it has started at a very young age through an avid love for Horror/Gothic books and novels. This was combined with a fascination for the occult, the supernatural and genuine witchcraft (none of that broomstick crap – mama uses easyjet and the Eurostar).  Saying that, I have a natural inclination for the peace and quiet of cemetaries, BUT I am also known to be a major headbanging thrash metal demon with a love for pink lipstick!!

Where does that leave me?

… A hybrid fancy metal goth if I may label myself? 😉


Yep, I love black, I love tutus, I love studs, I love skulls, I love big dresses and I am happy to have my own brand of glam goth🙂  Style for me is not about what pre-made category you fit in, but what makes you, YOU, and if this means a category of your own : so be it !!

This weekend, I went to play Goth Lady of The Metal Manor (on a budget) at the Hill Gardens & Pergola in Hampstead Heath. This place is amazing and is literally someone’s backgarden which they allow peasants like me access to.

The look?

I teamed up a Killstar dress which I purchased on sale with a tulle skirt I got in H&M (on sale as well) at Christmas. The weather was super warm so I needed comfort and style… can be done on a budget !

Savvy Goth Tip! Around the festive period, do check your local H&M for lace and tulle overlays 🙂 I always find some nice things around Christmas which I can use and reuse; like this skirt – it was £14.99.

These glasses were purchased on Etsy and the umbrella on Ebay : £9.99.


The belt is a very old ASOS belt which I am using time and time again when it actually circles my waist, and I haven’t binged on chicken pad thai!


I twirl therefore I am 😉

parkupdate-5 parkupdate-4

In summary, I like to make up my look as I see fit – I really really cannot stand ‘trends’ … or textbook looks.  I am a happy thrifting fancy metal goth wierdo with a love for bouffant dresses and heavy metal 🙂

What makes YOU twirl?!


Alternative Fashion Day Out London Outfit Photography Photoshoot

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  1. can’t believe i missed this post. You look absolutely stunning there. i loooove the skirt and the lace umbrella – great touch!! keep doing what you are doing, dont let anyone define what or who you have to be.

  2. Amen to all this!

    When I was teen goth emergent in the late 80s there was very little of this tribalism that seems to abound today. All the ‘alts’ mixed in together – mainly because there was so little choice of venue / suppliers – so I spent my weekend happily rubbing shoulders with the metal crowd in bars and clubs. I love old school metal almost as much as goth and bad 80s electronica.

    These days I am more goth-librarian (it’s the cardigans….!). Like you I love the books, the horror / ghost element, a lot of the music, the weird and the esoteric – but I often get told I’m not ‘proper-goth’. And I may not have the full on aesthetic these days but I do love me a HUGE frock!

    You look awesome. I often use H&M for cheap basic black clothing. Now can you recommend anyone selling black sun hats on a budget?!

    • I love this comment so much! And I dig cardigans 😉 I think people forget that the original goths were not just about shopping at hot topic 😉
      Regarding hats, I use Ebay and as @thecailin said, Amazon 🙂 You can buy them on Ebay and customise with things also bought on Ebay. Boohoo sometimes has nice hats! I got a nice witchy one from there. Happy shopping !xx

  3. THIS. I never fit into any of the categories. Growing up, all my friends (none of which dressed in any form of alternative clothing) and the more “mainstream” called me goth, while the “real goths” called me a poser. The reality was that I wasn’t trying to be anything. I just liked what I liked.

    Now that I’m older I don’t hear it as much, but people still definitely make snap judgments of what “type” of person I am. (For example, every year, at least one person says to me at Halloween, “So this must be your favorite time of year!” When in fact, I don’t celebrate Halloween at all).

    My point is: YOU DO YOU and if I had to put your style into a category, it would simply be: Amazing.

    • Are you me from another dimension? 😉 That is exactly what I went through! I find that insecure people are always finding ways to bring others down, especially those who OWN THEIR STYLE ! I do find it sad that in a world which is supposed to be alternative, people still feel a need to conform and point out who doesnt *eyeroll* … Lets keep twirling in tulle, shall we? 😉 xo

      • Hahaha I’m the American you 😉 but nah, I know even you and I would have some different preferences in pieces and style choices. But that doesn’t mean we’d be all, “UGH. WELL WE’RE CLEARLY NOT IN THE SAME CATEGORY NOW. AWAY WITH YE.” *unfollow* We’ll leave that to the less open minded 😉

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