Lookbook: Whitby Goth Weekend 2018

… So this is part two of my blog series about the epic event known as Whitby Goth Weekend. For those of you who may have missed part one, please jump here and embrace your inner Morticia / Gomez !

During my stay in Whitby, I had to immortalise myself in the surroundings (isn’t this the most narcissistic thing you have ever heard??). By this I actually mean : pose and run to the camera to hit the ‘snap that outfit before yer 12 o’clock tummy snaps the belt‘ button.

Just across my hotel was this lovely park, waiting for me to unleash my photographic … impatience. I am terrible with setting up!


The outfit I am wearing follows the rules I always follow when I put an outfit together : layer, layer, layer … a.k.a PILE IT ON!


The pentagram earrings were sourced on Ebay – why spend £15 on a mainstream site for basic pentagram earrings, when just as nice, if not nicer ones can be sourced? I love mine, they cost me £2.95 postage included from this seller. Bargain!


The dress is from Killstar – and I bought it during their sale. I like it but I figured it needed some jazzing up, so I plonked a £12.99 corset belt from Attitude Clothing on it. This belt is amazing and will make any outfit pop!


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The second scene of the gallivanting goth episode was at the Whitby Abbey and cemetary … I adore this cemetary, it overlooks the sea and provides a stunning view of the town.








My second look was burlesque goth inspired and the scene was the beach front …  a really chilled beach.


Apologies, the quality of the photos suck as these were taken from my iPhone and a tripod from POUNDLAND !! I forgot to take the charger for my camera (remember the impatience I mentioned earlier???) , so I had to improvise 🙂

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I am wearing a velvet halterneck dress from a charity shop which I accessorised with a corset also thrifted 🙂  Total cost : £10!

The necklace is from Killstar, I normally don’t cave in spending a lot in a necklace but this one is massive and as you may know, I am the Mister T of Goth Bling !!


One way of making an outfit pop is wearing some psychedelic tights : these are from ASOS, and I bought them from their sale section. You will find a lot of unique stuff in there!

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Finally, a few bits and pieces around this epic trip!

How cool is this??  ‘Home of The Goths‘! Yes, I am coming home!


The best shop. EVER. It is HUGE and has so much amazing stuff in, I nearly had a (black) heart attack.


The staff is friendly …


… really friendly ! 😉


Hellraiser and co also enjoyed a bit of Whitby fun! See how inclusive the Goth community is?!


Finally … I randomly attended the auditions to the Alternative Model of the Year 2018 …

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… And I will be in the finals !!!!!! Excited? YES! I was going to go back to Whitby Goth Weekend anyway, but this is amazing, I really did not even think about being called back! The only people who call me back usually are HMRC, my boss, or Satan, when a new contract needs to be started.

Upgrade? Yas !


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed this trip! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you never know what happens on there 😉

Until next time!


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  1. April is the chilled out, good weather WGW, October is usually the full on noise and fury festival – hope you have an equally brilliant time and WOW! to the catwalk finale. You look awesome.

    Also, I has serious tight envy reading your post – thanks for the pointer to ASOS for them. I’m a shorty and the usual goth tight suppliers make theirs waaaaaaay to long for me.

    • PS in Oct / Nov they also do an Illuminated Abbey on an evening – last year there were giant spiders made of light climbing down the walls – it’s kitsch but quite a sight to see.

      • Wow!! Sounds amazing ! Thanks for the heads up 🙂 maybe we’ll bump into each other next time ! 😉

  2. Everything about this post is on point.
    The visuals: amazing
    The fashion: edge snatching gothic regalness
    The town.

    I love the colours and effects.
    You better slay that runway come October . Congrats.
    I really want to to.

  3. 1. I always get excited when you post. I love the outfits you put together so much.

    2. That cemetery is gorgeous.

    3. Congrats on making it to the finals! Well deserved!

    • Ooooo why thank you young lady ! 🙂 glad you enjoy my online wardrobe display 😉 thanks for coming back !!❤️❤️❤️

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