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Did you know that in the UK Summer lasts one week? We had ours last week actually. Seriously, the entire country was socks and inhibitions free for a few days, but is now back to Chewbacca levels of clothing layers. Classic British Summer. On this note : #RIPSummer2018.

I have however made the most of that bit of sunshine last Sunday during a stint in Greenwich Park, which is located on the East side of London. On a day like this, there is nothing better than a stroll in the market and some tasty thai food to demolish in the park !

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The look I went for is “I am a Sun Loving Goth, And I Still Wear Black in Summer, Meh”.


The top is from Boohoo, and I got it during their Halloween season. They had such cute cool pieces for a few pounds, I always check them out for basic pieces to gothify. This top really makes heads turn – you almost feel like you can be responsible for The Exorcist 2018 edition 😉


These shoes are old and FELL INTO PIECES whilst I was in the park !! They were from George from Asda, and quite comfy little wedges … I got so grumpy after one of the strap took itself out whilst I was walking… I ended up cursing like a true witch!


The skirt is from Primark and I looooove it. Perfect for work and nice bit of tulle to jazz things up. The belt is from New Look : £0.50p on sale !

The sunglasses are from Witch Worldwide, but got mine off Attitude Clothing to get them faster. Come on, remember : the summer only lasts a week !

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Finally, the earrings are from Ebay : £2.99. I love buying things like this on Ebay or Etsy, I actually have a few bits to shoot from a little online spree.

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That is it for this look  … Um wait, I forgot to say that I am indeed using the Kat Von D’ Slayer lipstick I purchased a few weeks back … and that’s it for make up because you can’t really see my face haha !

Other than that well … I am currently in Whitby for Whitby Goth Weekend, so am looking forward to sharing this, it is really amazing!

What are your summer staples?




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